Any Fans of Top Gear Here?

So I’ve been watching some old episodes recently and I’d just thought I’d ask if there are any fans of Jezza, Hamster, and Captain Slow. I found these clips on YouTube and I got a cheap laugh out of them.

Yes I am here. Been watching them for a few years now. they are hilarious. Its kind of funny how May and Clarkson always go on about Hammond living in Herefordshire, Ross on wye. I actually like in Hereford.

Series 20 is going to start soon. I’m looking forward to it and the boneheaded antics of Clarkson, Hammond, and May.

Myself and my brother are big fans of both the original UK version and the US version. While we wait for the new season to start, I’ve been watching some clips from YouTube with one of my favorites being the Top Ground Gear Force segment.

It wasn’t about cars, but it was still really funny and entertaining. Poor May’s shed kept getting destroyed, mostly by Hammond, haha.

Can’t believe I missed out on the Middle East road trip episode, though. I think those have been my most favorite episodes so far and out of them, the US road trip episode is at the top of the list.

I watch it. I’m not really a car guy but I love the hell outta it. It’s hilarious, love when Jeremy and Richard mod their cars but end up making them worse.

I love it. I don’t get to whatch it nearly enough as I have horrid net, and no one carries the British version here.

I can whach the US version now and then on history, but it just isn’t the same. Nowhere near the levels of epic the UK version is.

What you get BBC America where you live?


I live in the midst of nowhere, I’d be amazed if the people at the little town cable company even know what BBC is. I get the Speed chanel thankfully, but it’s gone dark, which is going to drive me nuts when it comes back to Auction time again with Barret Jackson.

Ouch. Honestly, I would prefer to have the US Top Gear on Speed TV because it hit the target demographic of, as Jeremy calls them, “Petrol-heads.”

Yeah it would do better for it I think.

I do like History’s other car show Counting Cars allot. More or less a spin off to Pawn Stars. (Seeing as he appeared on that show as an expert so much History gave him one to showcase what he does and it’s awesome if anyone hasn’t checked it out they should)

Yeah that show is awesome. The Count’s creations are truly awesome.

The guy is a Wizard to say the least.

There aren’t many people I’d want to touch my car (When I have one lol) but he’s on that list.

The new season is already here episode 1 was last week episode 2 will be today.

Awesome. I wonder what’s in store today.

This is a show I have watched. I can’t say I’ve exactly seen episodes, it was specials that where run on occasion, and I like cars to the point of design, not mechanics, but I found the show extremely enjoyable.

I love Top Gear (UK). I’ve watched it for years now. And probably one of my favorite shows of all time. Jeremy Clarkson and the gang are great. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to have their jobs.

I have watched top gear for ages, even when it was on discovery eons ago. Wife complains cause the TV bill is high due to the only way to get BBCA around here is to order the top tier packages, but I could not live with out the guys. If you haven’t seen the episodes with the Toyota truck they kill, you haven’t lived as far as I am concerned. New season starts tonight here in the US. 7:30pm eastern, can’t wait! Oh yeah, while ‘counting cars’ is decent, I really like ‘Fast and Loud’ Having met Richard and Aaron a couple of times, they are actually cooler than they seem on TV. I think the show makes Richard look kind of like a jerk, but he is not.

Woah, really? Looks like I’ve got something look forward to on our DVR this week, haha.

Yeah, I record way too much on Monday nights, gotta figure out what I can live without!!!

Oh you mean the Hilux special, where then could not crash it, smash it, drown it, set it on fire, or setting it on top of an imploding building. After that episode, Toyota introduced a new package for the Hilux called the Invincible Package.