Any experiences with publishing mishaps?

Whenever something gets pushed out the door, there’s a slight chance that there might be defects. I myself had such an experience as I was building the NT-1 Alex 2.0. After I screwed up the arm assembly, I went to remove the hand to allow the arm assembly to be complete. However, I couldn’t pull it out because the wrist was so tight. I tried spinning the hand to get it out, but the connection was so tight I ended up splitting the wrist in two and I cried out in pain knowing that I might have thrown money down the drain. It soon dawned on me that there was something wrong with the parts in question (G14 and G13), and I sent Hobbylink Japan a request for replacements, two of each.

Basically as the kit was being prepared for delivery and being made, there was a defect in those two parts. Has anything like this happened to you?

Bubbles in the clear beam saber parts. Happened on a mg full armor gundam rx78. Annoying but only happened once. Bandai’s quality usually blows all my expectations away in a positive way.

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It’s rare. But it does happen. Bandai isn’t perfect. Even if they say they are.