Any Cosplayers Out There?

So I’ve been to a few conventions in my day, but now a friend has convinced me to cosplay for the first time. It got me wondering if there’s anyone on the forum who cosplays or has experience with costume making and can provide some advice for novices?

I did cosplayed once, after my then-GF kept bugging me to (she was a cosplay fanatic). However, I don’t really have any advice to give. She made the costumes by herself. I just wore the thing. I guess my only advice is to keep hydrated if you are wearing a costume that can get hot. I cosplayed as Zuko’s alter ego, the Blue Spirit from Avatar the Last Airbender. That all black outfit got hot very fast, especially since it was summertime in downtown LA. Good luck.

Oh…if I had a GF that was into cosplay…I’d have fun with it. Yeah I’m a perv, I know.

That said, I don’t have any experience with it personally, I have a friend who is currently working on a MJOLNIR Mk.VI from Halo, complete drab green like Master Cheif’s. Doing it though a process known as pepekuria or something I know the spelling isn’t right at all, but it’s a straight forward enough process, so much so that I’ve been considering making a suit my self, though I think I may go for and do a set of T-45d or T-51b from Fallout.

Never been to a con, but I wear my green ranger (power rangers) costume every year on Halloween. Hell, I’d put it on now if I wasn’t so damn comfortable. Been thinking about getting a scarlet red body suit and just go from there to make a decent Scarlet Spider costume.

As far as advice, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. I’d probably wear the costume around for thirty minutes or so just to get used to it and see how you sweat.

If I had a girlfriend that where into cosplay, I’d ask her to cosplay as Officer Jenny from Pokemon, or Nurse Joy, or even Jessy. I don’t know why I’m thinking of Pokemon, ATM.

Never tried it myself, because I don’t have the parts to do so, but my dream cosplay would be Quattro Bajeena.
My ideal pose would be to sit on a chair, and drink tea, while wearing shades, indoors.

I figured a Yu-Gi-Oh cosplay would require too much hair gel… … …

If it’s any help at all, I had a Batman costume when I was 6… hot damn… not that something like that matters, -lol lol-.

For any underaged persons possibly on this site, please stop reading…

Yeah ZRC, I did perv out a little with her cosplay uniforms…but she was, and forgive me if my directness upsets anybody, just plain terrible in bed. She had a strict, small bag of tricks and was uninterested in learning more, if you get whatt I am saying. Even the uniforms and her great ability to copycat whatever character she picked (her Cagalli from Seed and Kallen from Code Geass were especially amazing) did not make up for this fact…sadly.

I have been to a con but never cosplayed. Mostly because there are not really any characters that would look like me for me to cosplay convincingly enough.

@Ginga, be happy that you at least had that experience, many of us here dont even have that.

Other than Halloween I have never cosplayed. Though I wouldn’t care to give it a try. To bad there aren’t any cons that are close to my location.

As for the new subtopic. Any experience is good experience. Cause it’s better than nothing.

I would like to cosplay but I also live way too far from any places where cons happen. And I do need to get a lot thinner or find a good character to cosplay as.

And yes experience is usually better than nothing.

Pepakura is the word you’re looking for and it is pretty awesome. In addition to making costumes, it’s pretty handy for making papercraft as well. If you haven’t seen it before check out “7FT Gundam” - Ultimate Papercraft on youtube.

Sometimes cons are pretty few and far between. Me and my friends are meeting in Atlanta from SC, FL and even as far away as ND. Some people enjoy them enough to travel back and forth, but that’s definitely not an option for everyone.

And I hear people say all the time that there aren’t any characters that really look like them, but it’s all about dressing up as your favorite character or one you identify with. I doubt anyone’s going to judge if you don’t completely look the part. It’s just about having fun.

@ Shin, amen on Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy, not so much Jessy tho.

In UK cons happen only in two or three cities and the biggest in London only happens twice a year. And travelling there is expensive and very uncomfortable. Plus until I get a job I dont have any money to spend on such things.

@Ginga Lol sometimes you got to make do with what you have.

About Nurse Joy…I agree. Though Zero Suit Samus is still the top of my list.

Zero Suit Samus would be amazing. My number one pick though would be Power Girl, if I could find a lady with the right hem “assets” to pull it off.

The only thing close to cosplaying that I do, would be my gear for airsoft. I wouldn’t call it “cosplay” since everything I wear has some real world use. But I am dressing up to get that look I want and go to events to share my hobby with others.
My set-up from an all weekend game in April… long story behind it maybe I’ll make a topic. Short story, airsoft game in an abandoned mall with 250 players.

Granted, if I did find something I liked enough to make a costume for and I had the money and a group to do it with… I would probably go for it.

I would love to make myself a suit of armour. But it requires a way too high skill level for me to do it.

If I had the cash, and or the skills/cash, I’d make a Garrus Vakarian suit, there’s a few good ones (As in very few) arround and I’d love to have one of them.

Only one bad thing I’d insist on wearing it ALL the time which could either Ruin my life or make it a hole lot better.