Another board drama that started with a fairy leviathan custom

Hi i am new here, but felt that i need to get this off my chest

so I am a gundam customizer/kitbasher and can say I’m pretty good with my work
(as seen in my list of kits I’ve done that I will be posting soon)

but I was a member on another thread called TFW2005
in the radicon custom’s page

there I post exclusively my custom transformers stuff
(I started transformers and customizing them because I was bored )

so one day I saw this: on the forum

and so I said the one on the username with the same username I wrote , word for word, (until one of the crap mods there responded badly to my criticism)
"you will need a lot more then that if you want to make it look good

I recommend this instiend
Or don’t because your pride is hurt"

then I got flack for pointing it out

and the moderator with the username Dachande
kept on flaging me for the rule that and I quote
“1 violation: No Insults, Trolling, Flaming, Name Calling, Harassing”
which I call bull

was I in the wrong here or was he

want an honest opinion

I went and read the thread. And though, the doll looks hardly like the initial concept. As I am fairly sure that is a Monster High doll. There are ways of putting things in a certain tone that won’t come off as you being a “jerk”. My time as an Mod/Admin has taught me this. And though you wasn’t wrong, simply rewording your post would have made all the difference. Rather that calling out the work as horrible. You could have said the following.

“I’d like to recommend the kits below. Using them will save you a lot of time work.”

Custom building like that is no different than making a costume or a Cosplay. People are on different levels. I made a Cosplay for Nightwing one time. Wasn’t the best, but I made it. And I learned a lot. So will they. Our community stands strong because we help one another to learn and grow in the hobby.

Now, for for the Mod that is flagging you. For the post, I can see his response as justified for that one post. This coming from another mod, as your post was rather insulting. But if they are flagging you across the board simply because they can. That is an abuse of power, and isn’t justified at all. So it all depends on what the situation across the board is currently.

To sum it all up. The doll can become what the person is looking for. It’ll just take a lot of work to get it there. But that is half the fun. Making a Monster High Doll, into a Mega Man. Ambitious, and rewarding when complete. Here on this forum, we don’t call people out. We help them and give them ideas on how to make something better, or possibly help them do less work. If they choose that, great if not. Their choice. You requested an honest answer, this is about as honest as I can be. From a Mods perspective.

Nothing much else to add, thwalker13 hit the nail on the head on how I saw your post and what I think about how the mod there handled it.

I’ve worked on a couple of kits that didn’t turn out well and when I posted them (granted, it was only on this forum), it was clear people agreed me. However, none of their criticisms were as straight-up insulting as yours on that particular post. If I were to judge you based on that one post, I would consider you a complete jerk and a-hole. There’s a fine line between good constructive criticism and being a jerk and you went right into the latter.

You came across as an a$$ even if that wasn’t your intention. I read your post last night and again today. Honestly it sounded like a straight up insult. You couldve chosen your words more carefully. Was it the best build? No, but name 1 person who’s first build came out perfect.

Furthermore saying your a “gundam customizer/kitbasher” doesn’t make you an expert on the the subject. People who have more experience on the subject know how to give constructive criticism without putting someone down. You just come off as a arrogant a$$. If I was that person I’d tell you to put your money where your mouth is and lets see your version of the same build.

Yes the mod is justified for flagging a post if you come off as a a$$hole or jerk, but they should also give you a warning as well. As for flagging you across the board, I get the feeling that your lying since you decide to leave off the last two lines of your comment. In your post

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thx for your honest reply

not lying, though I guess that is what I get for having myself as my own critic, I guess in my persuit of "getting better"i had only myself as a critic because getting a clear view on where I was on the “skill ladder” was the only way for me to push myself.

when you only have yourself as a critic, you can be as harsh as you want.

otherwise, I would not try to find new ways, techniques, and methods, I would belittle any sense of accomplishment I had in favor of harsh criticism, then proceeded to meet those goals, the cycle goes on.
because to me, I would look to the “stars” ( the pros) as my marker
my mindset is
if I cant get to this level:

what I make is trash, and belongs in the burning pile

and i will only show it all after i get to a “decent” level
i guess the scientist method for me is the best.
“if your theory does not hold up to scrutiny, then it’s a pretty crap theory”
something like that i guess
or if you don’t understand it
“if your “Art” can’t hold up to your peers then it’s not worthy of being called “art””

keep in mind I am 17 (turning 18 this year not asking to be babied just putting more context) , and the girl who made it was at least 25-30
( I’m judging this based on her post of her liking an old comic going by the name: “Johnny the Homicidal Maniac”, it’s old by my standards being written and published in August 1995 – January 1997, her like for the retro games like Zelda, Megaman and old boomer stuff and joining the site 4 years earlier, i joined in 2021)
I guess I saw it “insulting” that an older person cant make/exceed what I can do and Is still getting praise for doing what a preschooler can do in a day.

i guess I should better explain my feelings in a metaphor:

an older scientist submits a theory to a scientist peer review,
a younger scientist comes along, who spent the past 4 years in his attic discovering/made the discovery earlier points out that it is false.

but because the theory lined up with common sense at the time, the younger scientist was demonized. and cast out of the community, ridiculed as a hack.

i guess that is how I felt.

or to put it in the context of food/ chefs:
If your food is underdeveloped /undermarrinated /undercooked /Raw /unfinished, why did you bother serving it to the customer, redo it and start over
I guess to quote Gordon,
“it’s foking raw!”

also like your sentiment,

you can bark the loudest so long as you have the bite to match it

yeah, the mod in question also is in cohorts as seen in this screenshot

i went through her conversations because i was pissed, he had multiple back and forward conversation with him that i did not bother screenshotting. i felt like he gave me a strike because he was her friend

i guess being a teen makes you take things rather personal when you feel like someone is undermining/underestimating your skills

i dont care how you view me, call me a liar all you want but I am stating how I view things, you can asker the user, and do it all, but I don’t care.

my goal on this site is just to post Wips on my respective customs on this site, give explanations and reason why I did it, then piss off.
that one for transformers, and this one for my gunpla, with only some exceptions (ie proving a point)

also if you doubt my skill, i will happily go into detail about what I did in the past and show some of my work in progress, though first, you show what you’ve accomplished as a painter or modeler

because it’s, As you’ve said hard to take someone seriously when they have yet to show their skill

a fair trade no?

you show your skills, I show mine

I think there is a private messaging function

Also, i would like to point out in cosplay/dressing up/ there is Newyork ComicCon film reel level, then there is frat boy Halloween level, one you are happy to show off because you know everyone else is an amateur,
and another where you know you will look so out of place and…“distant” from all the other cosplayers. because dressing up in a spandex suit with terribly done ductape underwear and blaster is sure to make you look ridiculous as “Megaman”
because i would not be caught dead in that

also wondering if i would get banned/ get a point for pulling a new board with the title called
“who is the Hack now?” written in all caps with me basically giving the outline of what happed, and showing a detailed breakdown and difference between me and the girl?

rules here:

Honestly, I prefer to give a warning via PM rather than calling someone out on the public board. So rather than doing what that mod did. I would simply PMed you about it instead of calling it out. But every mod is different.

thx, you deffinitely sound more rational then that guy

he seemed like the type to ban someone for calling him fat

it’s a childish insult but that’s the point

The only reason I cal you a liar is becoming you left off the last piece of your post and to me it comes across as dishonest. I for one have zero tolerance for people who aren’t 100% honest.

If you didn’t care you wouldn’t reply to me.

The fact you are 17 isn’t a viable excuse for the way you presented yourself. Don’t use that as an excuse.