Anime Recommendations

The only anime I’ve watched besides Gundam are Ghost in the Shell, Ninja scroll, Record of The Lodoss war, and Vampire Hunter D! I tend to like the darker themed anime I guess. But any anime is good for you to recommend I watch!

That’s some good recommendations! I’ve seen some Record of Lodoss War and can say this is a good watch myself.
Vampire Hunter D seems good, it has a lot of good comments, so it would be worth the watch.
I just don’t get into these because there might be a book or manga, or a previous series that serves as a prequel.

Wow I just re read my post! I was actually curious if people had recommendations for me based on my past anime views! I am way to uninitiated to recommend. End any kind of anime! Lol! But I thank you for backing up what I have already watched! I also watched Wicked City but I didn’t care to much for it!

Vampire Hunter D was great! Just very different! It hard for me to explain because it’s been so lo g since I’ve seen it.

That depends, the original Film or Bloodlust? For new guys to that badassery, Bloodlust. for Oldschoolers, go for the original film.

See I have yet to watch bloodlust yet. I had heard it was terrible.

Terrible? TERRIBLE?! Ive read some of the novels and it was pretty good. true they changed a bit of the story around (Bloodlust was based on one of the many novels cant remember the exact novel lol) but with the exception of some plot elements and the ending they definately stayed true to what D actually looked like!

Lol! I guess I will have to watch it now. I think the reason most people didn’t like it from what I remember, was that they just loved the first one so much.

darker animes eh?
I have a few recommendations without going too far down the Rabbit hole

Darker than Black
Gunslinger Girl
Cowboy bebop (not dark per say but dang is it good!)
Trigun (lighthearted but stuff gets very serious at the end)
Full metal Panic: (ALL) (its got everything Giant robots , Hilarious humor, guns, explosions, drama, and a good story)

might not be what you are looking for but give em a try.

I’ve been watching a series from last year called Btooom! Someone gave me a copy of it to check out and I’ve gotten drawn into it. My brother in law says it’s stupid but he also doesn’t “care about Gundam” so what does he know. It’s not a horror anime but it’s pretty dark. I recently watched Cowboy Bebop and agree it’s a classic. It’s got kind of a film noir/space cowboy/bounty hunter feel. I also always recommend the first anime I ever saw called Baoh. Baoh is a little older and since it’s a nostalgia thing for me I hope my judgement isn’t clouded on that one. It’s only 50 minutes long so if you think it sucks you haven’t wasted too much time on it.

I heard ‘Another’ is pretty dark/ gore-y.

problem children are coming from another world
it is a very unique anime with 10 episode (so far) and it will catch your interest

Black Lagoon is a great anime to watch, esspecially when you get to the psycho twins arc. Its humor is funny but generally dark but overall very enjoyable