Anime Films

I’m just getting sick of sitting through 2 hours of horrible template generated live action films every week for our ‘movie night’.

So, I’m wondering if anyone can name some good memorable anime films.
I’d create a list and search it up myself, but I’d like suggestions as to why it’s good in the first place ^^.

AKIRA, Cowboy Bebop: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, Char’s Counterattack, Endless Waltz.

Okay, I have a question for some of those non-Gundam anime films you mentioned-

Do I need to watch an anime to get up to date with them? I’m looking for stand alone films.

ohhhh, I always like this topic! Anime movies are always hit and miss. but here are my faves

Cowboy bebop: knockin’ on heavens door

Endless Waltz


Summer Wars (FANTASTIC)

The girl who leaped through time (same people who made Summer wars, I actually haven’t seen it but it looks good)

SteamBoy, was pretty good if I remember correctly.

Samurai X , If you can stand its run time, its good!


Trigun Movie

and Leave your Miazaki at the door, I don’t care for It, everyone raves and practically goes into convulsions when talking about any Miazaki film
I think he’s over rated. But that’s my Opinion.

AKIRA is a stand alone film, the Cowboy Bebop film could also be considered stand alone although you won’t get a feel for the character’s personalities if haven’t watched the series.

Ideon: A Contact and Ideon: Be Invoked. A Contact sums up the series, and Be Invoked concludes it.
Best I’ve seen in the past year.

That’s not to say it was made in the past year-
It was made in the 80’s.

Id have to say the Ghost in the Shell Films (the Old one is a personal fav) are a must see even if you havent seen the two series.

I have a question about this, Ghost in the Shell, is it a series on it’s own? I sometimes don’t mind seeing a series and film, as long as that film does not directly come after the series. I am interested in Ghost in the Shell though.

I would definitely second Summer Wars. To date, that is one of the most enjoyable movies I have ever seen.

Besides that I would recommend Metropolis and Grave of the Fireflies. You will not walk away from GotF happy, but it’s a powerful movie that needs to be seen at least once.

And while I guess there are a few varying opinions on Miyazaki movies, I would still recommend watching all of them at least once so you can form your own opinion. They’re generally light-hearted films that cover many themes which is why they appeal to such a wide audience.

I’m convinced about Summer Wars now.

I’ve read a synopsis of Grave of the Fireflies, I do like it. I’ll have to watch it by myself, but I’m sold.

As for Miyazaki’s works, I can’t say I don’t mind them. They’re definitely wierd, and they get a lot of appraisal for their uniqe quality.
His stuff is definitely worked around for a wide audience, he seeks to bring understanding to the audience by setting a deep tone to the atmosphere.
I can’t say much, I’ve only seen Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle. None of these where predictable at all.

Oh what, my suggestion alone for summer wars wasn’t good enough?
Whatever Shin…

whatever man…

Aww, Polaris, don’t be like that, I didn’t mean it like that. I already took your suggestions to heart, I’m really considering The Girl Who Leaped Through Time, and I wouldn’t have given it a thought if you hadn’t mentioned it, and you have done so much to help me, I really really appreciate it from the bottom of my soul.

Aww, thanks buddy.
That was Sarcasm I hope you know.
But I think you understood.
but no I really recommend it. I was blown away.

You’re referring to sarcasm, right ?

How about Macross Plus? It has a movie version, and you don’t have to watch the Macross prequel series just to enjoy the film.