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For all the love that Gundam (obviously) gets here, I find it hard to believe that Gundam is the ONLY thing on your shelves right now. Show some love for your swag!

I just got my S.H. Figuarts Perfect Cell in, and I must say, it’s a damn fine figure. I’m so glad Ban Dai is giving the U.S. market this kind of love with the web exclusives, because the quality of the early Bandai Japan and Irwin USA figures was truly a hit or miss.

[ul][li] Articulation. Cell’s design has allowed for BanDai to add articulation points that the other DBZ figures in the line don’t have, and the way they handled the shoulder plating on the arm deserves some stand-alone recognition. The joints are solid too.[/li][li] Detaling. Every nook and cranny on this thing has been given special treatment in the detail department, even the spots on his caripace, which are all actually recessed and individually painted from the rest of the shell. They even panel-lined all the smaller details to give that “fresh off the animation cel” kind of feel.[/li][li] Accessories. Aside from the standard interchangeable hands and faces all of these have come with so far, Cell gets the added bonus of an additional set of arms to properly execute the arms folded pose, and a dual purpose flight/Kamehameha stand and Kamehameha blast effect![/ul][/li]CONS:
[ul][li] Cell’s Character Design. While they’ve gone great lengths to articulate this figure, design elements of Cell’s armor do still get in the way of some things. The ankle joints can’t flex as well as others in the line, and the design of his helmet keeps him from being able to look up. It also makes the easy to pop off and difficult to put back on when you swap the faces out.[/li][li] Kamehameha Effect. While sculpted and painted quite nicely, the thing is that the effect is a SOLID PIECE OF PLASTIC. It weighs almost as much as the whole figure, and will forever need the assistance of the stand to be displayed because of this.[/li][*] Price. The DBZ Figuarts are being released solely as a U.S. direct market/Tamashii Web exclusive, so we’re getting exclusive market pricing to go with it. After shipping, Cell ran me close to $70, a good $30-$35 more than what I’ve paid for standar Figuarts offerings. Granted, they did try to offset the price with more extras, but having watched the prices for these spike the last two years, I long for the “old days” :\ [/ul]

A very detailed review Chapel, I salute. Could you post some images of the figure? This DBZ fan is intrigued.

Ask and ye shall receive!

More action shots. The wings are pretty nicely articulated.


And finally the stand for flight poses. There looks like there’s a removeable plug on the back of his hips to plug directly into the flight stand, but I haven’t been able to pop it out yet. Thankfully, the stand components are universal accross the Figuarts line, so I just pulled the grabber claw from another set I had.

WOW! What an awesome figure! It seems very well articulated and could handle many dramatic poses. Details seemed present, as I can see the subtle depression for those dark green pigments. The colors are very well thought of and applied. And the after effect parts just enhances the figure.

Speaking of figures, has anyone ever distrubuted a “Takamura Mamoru” figure ? I’d even be willing to compensate for the expenses, just in order to surprise my sister.

By anyone I mean companies, e.g

If you run a search for Hajime no Ippo figures online, there apparently has been a statuette of him made. Looks like it’s out of production though, so you’d probably have to purchase it at an online auction site or hope that some store still hasn’t sold out of him yet.

I’ve got the figma of Tekkaman Blade coming, I’ll be sure to do a review if anyone is interested.

GOD YES. Figma’s are already some amazing bits of figure engineering, but whenever they tackle an armored character, they normally knock it out of the park.

Sweet, I’ve got an excuse to snap a bunch of pictures.

Some pics to come later, but my Kotobukiya Play Arts Kai Solidus Snake arrived the other day, and I’ve had the opportunity to collect my thoughts:

To sum it up simply, the Solidus figure is a lot like my feelings about the actual Sons of Liberty game: It’s strengths and weaknesses are intertwined, resulting in a rather frustrating “meh”. So there will be no pros and cons this time.

[ul][li]Sculpt. This is Kotobukiya we’re talking about, so you are definitely getting what you paid for, from the keyholes on the armor to the high-def wrinkles in the president’s leathery face. But these attention to details also serve as a detriment in pretty much every single male Metal Gear figure produced so far. Ever figure thus far has been done as a hybrid fusion of the 2D character up and the 3D game renderings. So while they have the exceptional level of detail the game renderings, proportionally they are built like the art, which has narrower ankles, smaller hands, and some serious thunder thighs. Again, neat execution, but it directly hinders the next point --[/li][li] – Articulation. To be fair, this figure is exceptionally engineered in terms of articulation, allowing some more complex poses despite his bulk. But some joints just don’t make sense. For example, the shoulders and arms are assembled as such: swing-out hinge for the pectorals, with a heavily restricted swivel/hinge joint attached to that for the outer-most shoulder plating. At the base of that is another swivel/hinge joint that connects directly to the upper bicep, which would be great, except that it’s positioned facing the front/back of the bicep instead of the sides. This could be fixed with some swivel joints where the upper bicep and elbow meet, and thankfully said joint was included, but the sculpting of the armor at this point is narrow, and the elbow pads are supposed to fit in between the gaps made in the bicept and forearm armor, so the swivel joints are rendered completely useless. Koto also thought ahead with the construction of this figure and designed heavy ratchet joints for the hips, knees, and ankles so that the lower half of the figure could support the additional weight of the tentacles, but thanks to those character art proportions, the ratchet joints in the ankle are a moot point, since there’s very little support at the most important part of the figure, with a lot of weight on top. If the tentacles are attached, you can mess around with their position to spread out of the center of gravity that he can stand on his own, but like every other Koto Metal Gear figure I’ve got, it doesn’t take much to knock these guys over once you’ve done that. Ideally, you can also use the surprisingly articulated tentacles as a support stand, but for all the work they did articulating the tentacles, the grabber claws at the end are disappointing fixed sculpts, so you can’t do that without compromising the claws, which are susceptable some warping.[/li][li] Paint. The paintjob that’s on this is superb, but they just are not the correct colors for Solidus’ armor. They seem to have just opted with a darker shade of the bronze/copper that was used on the mesh portion of the armor for the whole thing, when the game had more black and carbon fiber grey throughout it.[/li][li] Accesories. The figure comes with 3 sets of hands: clenched fists, hands for holding the swords, and hands for holding the P-90s. The first two work great, but the latter pair, despite best efforts, do not hold the guns all that well. The interchangeable chest plates are a great touch for those (like me) who prefer the first battle armor, but neither latches in securely making it all too easy to pop off, most often when using the pectoral joints. In addition, much like Grey Fox/Cyborg Ninja, an alternate head was not included, so while he has the first battle armor pieces, he doesn’t have a patch-free head to go with it. The swords were also nicely made, but the sword sheathes are glued together to a piece that connects to the hip armor on a precariously small peg post. Sadly, I have already had to glue this piece together, since the positioning of the sheaths resulted in them shearing free of the mount with the figure’s first shelf dive.[/ul][/li]
Even with being able to secure it with 21% knocked off the MSRP via AmiAmi, It still was about $105 before shipping, a good $35-$40 higher than a lot of the earlier entries in the series. That, coupled with all the flaws, has my sensible side fighting with the fanboy side that bought it because of the desire to own a large-scale Solidus figure. So buyer beware with this one, as it will not be for everyone.