Angel's WIP's

Started out as a simple wing and wing zero variant bash, kinda grew from there. Alot to still do including detail work, seam filling, sanding, priming and alot of paint work. Current planes for paint include silvers metallic blues and turquoise. I plan to make the center chest gem and the immediate ring it is set into red and gold.

This came about as a suggestion from the build group I joined on discord, I plan to use the Honoo sword sets feather blades to match up the designs better to the suit. ^^

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Most of the Priming is done, Still have to do the rifles and the wings, which I am not looking forward to. The coverings for the legs need a bit of tweaking before I permanently attach them. Still planning most of the paint, but the colors Iā€™m thinking of are silvers, blues, white, and turquoise.
I changed the shield as the prior one had to much going on imo. This looks good but reduces how busy the build is.

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Looks very interesting.

Thanks, its been a slow process as I try to avoid going to nuts and bolting everything and the kitchen sink to it. ^^ā€™

Wings primed, Just the Twin Buster Rifle left. Waiting on my paint to come in for the base coat.

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Got the Twin Buster Rifle primed and replaced the EW Saber hilts with the ones from the Sky Zero that were cut down to better fit the builds hands and still fit in the slots on the wings. ^^

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Yeah its hard not to go overboard with it, when you think about all the possibilities and all the ideas that come as you go along.

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Sorry I havent posted for a bit, atm I dont have any close ups of these WIPs but I wanted to show what Ive been working on. Decided to make a trio of units and name them the Storm Wings. Still gotta custom the red one, Hurricane, the green one, Typhoon, is coming along alot faster then I expected, and the blue one, Tempest, is currently being painted though some small snags are causing issues that make me have to redo some things. Other then that Im really happy with these. Fast run down of each unit, Hurricane is a fast Melee unit with swords, Typhoon is a Ground based heavy Artillery unit, and Tempest is the middle ground of the two. :3 Ill try to get some more detailed pics up later. Thanks to some friends on Discord and the help I got here these are going along really well! I also decided to move the bike to the Typhoon as its bulk would keep it from moving as easily as the other two.

Another progress update on the Tempest. It still needs its detail paint, clear gloss, panel lines, decals, and top coat, but I am REALLY happy with where it is atm ^^

Would anyone know if there is a way I could make/get metal vulcans for this 144 scale build?

Gundam Heavyarms Hagelschauer XIII

I still have alot of detail painting to go. Not to mention clear coat, panel line, decals, and top coat.

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Completed Unit pics
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