Angel's WIP Builds

After noting flaws, and new inspiration with a current WIP Kitbash I had going, I’ve made the decision to scrap that project and restart it. Since I am currently waiting on back ordered kits for this I’d like to share my thought process. I also went through online instructions for these kits an selected ones thats polycaps and joints could come together with minimal effort as I am not experienced enough yet to be replacing and rebuilding joints.
For Reference here is the original build.

I decided to remove the Unicorn shields, rework the back unit and shorten/decrease the number of wings and go for a different chest unit.

I wanted to stick with the initialish look of the first bash attempts arms and shoulders and found a compatible set in the Amazing Strike Freedoms.
download (7)

The New Chest unit is to come from the Luna Gazer kit. It has a nice angular look to it that I like and think would look good with the kit.

The legs and waist will, mostly, come from the Scramble gundam, though I do plan to add to and edit these legs to achieve more of the look I want. The clear parts will most likely be replaced.

The Backpack and Wing units will come from a pair of IBO Bael gundams. Im not sure how much more of the kit I can use but an image of a Strike Freedom on Twitter that used and Eclipse gundam chest as part of its back unit has me considering trying to do similar here with a Bael chest. I will try to incorporate the swords as well.

For added detail to the unit, its back wings, and others that will probably come to me mid build I have several Honoo custom kits I plan to use.

And while I have yet to fully commit to this, parts of the Build booster may be integrated into the potential back unit. Still on the fence with this one as I dont have as much a clear image in my head yet.

Im still figuring out what to do with the head unit, as the last one was put together from the Honoo parts in the custom kit and some spare bits I had. I dont want to fully repeat that, but I may base the head on the Amazing Freedom and work from there. Im also not fully sure about any Rifles as of yet but am willing to listen to ideas. Ill post more as the kits come in and I can get to work on this. ^^


Bad sketch is bad, but I wanted to try and see what a combined V-fin from the 3 main body kits might look like. At this point I’m leaning towards using the Lunagazers head for the project.

Had some master grade Freedom parts left over from a broken kit… not sure how to use them yet, but thought about turning the plasma cannons into either a set of beam rifles or a large shield with a hidden surprise. Though, given their size its nearly a tower shield.

Got a set of rifles that I can paint or add to to get something custom looking for the bash. Not sure yet though what I will add other then a paint job.

Still waiting on my backordered kits atm