Amphibious mobile suit thrust system

hello all, im new to the forums and I came here because this is probably the best place to ask about a custom build im doing but relates to the gundam universe in general.

Im taking a typically space type mobile suit and wanting to make it an amphibious version. My questions are:

1)Would that mobile suit have a different propulsion system than the thrusters that it currently has? The ez8 seemed to work perfectly fine underwater in 8th MS, as an example of my reason to raise the question. If so…

  1. What kind of a system would it have? Z’gok has big turbines on its back, aqua GM/ Gundam seems to have, maybe an Aqua jet system?! I couldn’t really tell from what research I did. Sorry for the long read. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  1. yes and no. Amphibious MS’s have a secondary propulsion system that it uses for underwater moment. For what I’ve seen thrusters are only used when launching out of the water and land combat.

I don’t recall ever seeing the EZ8 fight underwater, however there is a seen where the RX 79(G) Ground Gundam fights underwater. Normal thrusters will work underwater for a short period of time. The only draw back to using normal thrusters is they use liquid propellant which will eventually run out and when that happens your screwed.

  1. Now as for the underwater water propellant system. There a a few to choose from most zeon MS have a propeller in each foot that is powered by the generator, and a normal backpack with thrusters. While others like the Z Gok have propellers in the feet and in its backpackis a combination of thrusters and propellers. I believe the Aqua gm and Marine Gundam both us a similar backpack that stores both propellers and thrusters in it. The Marine Gundam also has additional thrusters on the legs to aid in mobility under water.

Since this is a fictions world you can do anything you want for your custom kit. You could make a underwater waster pack.that attaches to the main backpack if you wanted.

Thanks much for helping to clear things up a bit. Maybe I’ll post it up on the forums when I’m done. Again, thanks.

They all seem to use hydrojet thrusters as there propulsion system, both the Aqua GM, Marine Gundam, and the Zeon Marine suits.