American Turn A trailer released!

Confirms that it will be released in 2011.
Bandai also confirmed that they conducted an interview with Syd Mead for the DVDs.
The trailer is on YouTube (and the MSG C.C. Box set from what I understand).

Cannot Wait!! I loved turn a, and you bet I’ll be buying this once it comes out!!
Hopefully sales will be good enough for them to start a HG line for Turn A (Oh HG Turn X how I want)

Hopefully sales will be good enough to convince them to bring over X, Victory, and ZZ.

lets keep our fingers crossed. :slight_smile:

At least if they interview Syd Mead we’ll be able to understand it without subtitles :slight_smile: Unlike other releases that have interviews with Japanese people and we have no idea what they’re saying :frowning:

Knowing Bandai, they’ll probably dub a Japanese translation over whatever he says… :stuck_out_tongue:

We can hope. I’d love to have X and ZZ dub-d. I was never fond of Victory but more power to those who want it.

Any news on a solid release date or how they will package the episodes (5 episodes per DVD or a box set)?

Awwwwww snap. This is perfect seeing as to Turn A is the last series I’m going to end up watching. Will there be a BluRay?

Bandai hasn’t said, but I doubt it. Especially since we still don’t have 00 (series) on Blu-ray.

Also still no word on an actual release date. I think I read somewhere (probably on their Facebook page or on mechatalk) that Turn A would be released in four parts.

How much do you gents wager that CN is going to censor the hell outta this thing?

what makes you think CN is going to be airing it?

He believes the Wikipedia article (despite the fact that the link given for the source does not actually link to an actual source).

Hey you never know, hopefully theyll do somthing better than that, like put it on a REAL network or better yet just put it on DVD (which is possibly whats actually gonna happen). but again you never know.

The need to put it on the G4 network.

Turn A Gundam would fail on ANY network. It’s not accessible enough for mainstream audiences and it’s not “classic” Gundam. It’s in my top three favorite series’ but it’s not for everyone.

AMEN!!! AMEN!!! AMEN to that my friend!!!

why do you guys want to watched dubbed anime anyway?

because i dont want to watch and read. AND I CANT SPEAK JAPANESE!!!

Your welcome.

Plus it allows for multitasking for those who want to follow along but have other things to do.