All in a Jar

So i got this idea from a gif on facebook to suspend a gunpla in a jar of water using water beads. However it seemed like a bad idea to try a purchase a giant jar (I have a toddler) so instead i decided to use a Microfigure and a standard canning jar. I do plan to share my progress as if I can make it work it will be a cool conversation starter. That being said as of this moment I have gathered all the needed supplies and plan to start the process tonight.

As it currently stands this is my progress the Jar is Painted and ready minus some fake plant life and the figure is ready minus the topcoat I plan to remedy both of those tonight and to prep the water beads. I dunno why but this project really has my blood pumping!


I still got a bit more to do but it’s looking pretty good. I’m redoing part of the lid as I didn’t like how it turned out but I should have it ready to go in no time flat.


That came out looking pretty cool. Good job.

Well that’s different, cool.

Still have a bit to do, gotta add some bubble and do some fine tuning for appearances

I’ve had the a idea of have a couple hg amphibious MS in a fish bowl, but I was worried if I used clear resin the heat from the resin curing would crack the glass. I’ll have to look into the water beads, I think that would work for my idea since it work so well for yours.

It’s finally complete. I did some more work to both the inside(the bubbles) and the outside (the clouding of the jar and Zeon logo). I may make a other one is was kinda fun.


This is such a neat idea! Maybe it should be made into sort of a forum challenge, I kinda want to do one of these myself!

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That jar looks very cool!

I like it, very cool.

I like the concept already