Airbrushing Tips - Layering

Good morning everyone!

I have been building Gunpla for several years, but I am just now getting into custom painting. I am working on my Flauros, and will be giving him a darker color scheme (Blood red, grey, black, and titan gold).

My question, is what is the best gloss coat to put on after painting? I have noticed a lot of people use Pledge floor polish. I want to be able to panel line and add decals after airbrushing.

Are there any other recommendation on this (or any other tips for layering paint with clear coat)?

Thanks in advance!

Personal I use the mr super clear uv cut ver. It never yellows and is super strong.

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OK cool. I’ll look into it. Thanks for the suggestion!

I use the pledge/future floor wax over Acrylics. I thin it just a bit with windex to help break any surface tension. The key is light, even coats so you get an even finish and let it DRY completely (note to self) Then I use an oil paint like an artists color for the panel lines.

The gloss coat will protect the underlying acrylic and you can use a cotton ear bud dipped in thinner to remove excess wash or panel line after an hour or two. I use the Mona Lisa thinner because it has no odor and lasts forever.

Again, the key is light even coats of the gloss regardless of wha tyou use.


Thanks! :slight_smile: