Airbrushing Booth

Hey all! I’ve been airbrushing with acrylics quite a bit, and haven’t had any over-spray or many harmful fumes, so it’s been manageable at low volumes.

However, I’ve started dabbling with enamel and lacquer paints. Can anyone show me their airbrush system and explain it? I worry about using a generic fan because of the fumes. I would hate for a spark to start a fire with the more combustible paints.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t have a picture of it but all I did was get a regular cardboard box, cut the top flaps off, flip it sideways and set it outside and paint when there’s no chance for rain. It’s probably the cheapest way since I don’t need a fan(especially if it’s windy) and if there might be harmful fumes or overspray I can just add a respirator and good to go. It’s not heavy so moving it constantly isn’t a big deal. It ain’t pretty or professional but it works

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I’ll post a pic of my $50 homemade sprayboth when i get home from work.

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Thanks! That’s about all I want to spend on it anyways. It’s ok to use with Enamel/Lacquer paints as well?

@Brotherblades - Thanks! I had considered something like this and putting it outside, but I worry about the over-spray getting on my cars/house. I don’t have an area far enough away that I could do it.

Yeah, I live in an apartment with a small balcony so I don’t care that much about it getting some paint on it. I haven’t had much if any overspray with my enamels but I haven’t used lacquer so that might be a different story

Took a base cabinet, put a furnace filter on top, set a range hood on top of those. Over time I’ve made modifications, but still really simple.

I never once took a pic of my AB setup when I still had it, unfortunately. However, I do remember every bit of it vividly. I had it set up on a basic IKEA table in the garage and used this as my booth:

I had an LED lamp as my light source since the garage lights weren’t enough. Had a 3M respirator to go with it along with a Master brand airbrush holder for my three airbrushes. The vent tube was pointed towards a grated vent opening on the wall. In the year and a half I had this setup, I only cleaned the filters once by using a shop vac. I thought it fared well with the amount of airbrushing I did (about one fully painted MG kit every two months or so).

That master airbrush booth is the same set up I have. And I love it.

This is the one that I am looking into getting. How does it fare with enamel/lacquer paints?

Has worked really well for me when using them.

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Here’s my homemade spray booth.

[Uploading: 15705517712007468539545735875439.jpg…](

It’s made with a cheap plastic tube, cheap exhaust fan, dryer duct, and house filter. I used to store my airbrush equipment inside of it when i wasn’t using it.

I just bought a master airbrush spray booth 2 weeks ago (led light version) because it’s smaller than the one i made and took up less space.

I used it mostly with lacquer paints and it did its job when used in a garage. I would not rely on it if the booth was in a small room, though.

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I use my booth in my office/hobby room. I run the hose to a open window and place a second fan that has dual fans in the window. I put one in forw3and the other in reverse to help circulate air. I also use a 3m respirator.

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Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

The folding one works well with Lacquer paint. be sure to get the corded version vs the one with the AC adapter. This one should do:

Master have also came up with their own low cost unit, it a more powerful 2 fan but it’s not as compact but has interior lights:

I have a Master Airbrush, it works great when on the second fan setting which is considerably louder, single fan is great for after your done working on your models to get rid of the residual smell, also works great for after priming it keeps the smell from leaking everywhere which is nice.