Airbrush Recommendations?

I am fairly new to gunpla as I’ve only built two master grades, but I really want to start painting my kits to add a more realistic feel and look to them. However, I am at the point where I’m deciding which airbrush I should get.

I found this on amazon and it is highly rated.

Any recommendations for great airbrushes?

Well, ever since I did read that statement concerning airbrush, I’ve searched for one as well. However, my results costs 12€. If you want to know how many dollars it is, you’ll have to use google converter xD

However, I presume yours is too big for you to paint kits, isn’t it? It appears to be so.

Either tools such as these are offered for less in Germany usually or this is simply a great deal for anybody among us to make.

:: Disclaimer: I’m not at all an airbrush expert ::

@Gundamswag - I don’t know anything about that particular airbrush (AB); however I would say that the best way to go is to get one that has a storage tank on it. They cost a bit more, but work much better. I recommend the Master brand as a good starter. You can find some on but they have a wider selection at The site also gives you a little info about some AB basics.

@Deathscythe! - That item is on the AB itself, not the compressor or tank or anything; just the spray nozzle. So, to get into AB-ing, one would need to get the rest of the set.

The link I posted from amazon…would that be good enough? Does it not have a storage tank on it?

how will I be able to afford buying this, if I purchase gundam extreme vs?
I guess i will cancel my plans of acquiring it to be able to pay the necessary amount of money assigned to gundam extreme vs.

I would also go for Gundam Extreme Vs. seeing as though you have found the game for a great price.

And my sister has recently instructed me bot to purchase airbrush, acknowledging me as completely new into modeling. As long as I don’t possess enough experience, it’ll not pay out.

I assume she’s right, but school has started today. Having to prepare for school doesn’t allow me to do any further modeling, weekends excluded.

if you are getting into airbrushing you will need to start off with an inexpensive kit like you linked… a simple badger should do the trick…however if you are looking to really get into it, just buy a good gun from the start and learn it on the fly…
my personal preference of airbrush is the Aztek line from the testors company… they have 3 different lines of guns, the "world’s finest line’ guns have very accurate smooth dual actions on them, siphon +gravity feed capable, easy to clean just run denatured alcohol through it, changing needles isn’t an issue with the ‘nozzle’ system, price is decent, and durability to perform time after time… i can’t say enough positive things about the aztek like…i am not a huge fan of just gravity feed guns, however, but that will get you started for sure…as far as the compressor- i don’t use a compressor in my hobby studio, i use a portable storage tank that i refill with my shop compressor, so if you already have a compressor at your house for the garage/shed use, you have what you need to fill a tank minus a stand alone regulator for connecting the gun to… otherwise a small hobby compressor will do you fine, just don’t pay the price that the ‘hobby’ companies charge for their ‘airbrush’ specific compressors, get something you can actually have dual use for around the house… a small pancake compressor for ~80-100USD will air up tires, run small air tools and help out with some generally annoying stuff as well as run the hell out of a brush 24hours a day, just make sure your PSI doesn’t destroy the gun :slight_smile:

Thanks, Remus! I was hoping someone with more experience than me would help out. :slight_smile:

I love my new airbrush, the badger renegade velocity. I wish i would have held out and gotten the new Krome. These brushes are all around types of brushes. It can do workhorse jobs, as well as fine detail work. Badgers customer service is also fantastic! There was a defect with the tip of my velocity’s tip, to which the owner sent out a message on the badger boards, to simply email them and get a new one. They are very friendly, and will fix your ab, no questions asked.

The customer service alone makes Badger my company of choice. I have yet to use an iwata, so i can’t give an honest opinion there. I will say this, avoid airbrushes that aren’t easy to find in your country. The procon boy series, by gunze sangyo aka mr. hobby/color/etc is a japan made ab. It’s pretty similar to Iwatas except you can’t find replacement parts anywhere stateside. I had to hunt down the parent company and practically beg them to help me when the tip of my brush wore down and snapped at the threads.

Thank you for the advice guys! I think with this information, I’ll be able to pick out an airbrush. Your help is much appreciated.

Hi guys! I’m thinking about getting an airbrush soon, and I"m wondering if you think this is all good. I researched all of this stuff. Is this all I need to get started airbrushing? Sorry for hijacking this thread.

If you’re just starting. I would get this set instead:

I started with the G22 set and I later picked up a G23. It work as well as the Paasche I had from years ago. Once you learned the basic and stop breaking things ;-P. Then you can buy a Brand Name one and keep the Master as a spare.

Thanks! I’ll have to look into that.

Any other suggestions for a first one? I’d like to get a little list together from you guys that use them so I can get a cheap but effective one to start with.

If you’re paranoid about the AB that comes with it, go with a Badger Patriot as your first quality AB. Solid all around, easy to clean, parts are cheap, and warranty is unmatched. About $70 from Amazon (at least when I bought mine a month or two ago).

Other than that, Wiz33’s suggestion is the easiest and most hassle-free to go for.

I need a serious recommendation for a nice compressor, preferably one with a tank on top. I’ve been looking at the TC-20T. Do you think that’s good?

TC-20T is very popular and should work well . No need to go more expensive unless you are using more than 1 airbrush as the same time ;-P. (I got a TC-828 and it was pumping enough air when we had 2 airbrush going at the same time when my friend’s son was over.

Thanks, man!

Just picked up a HOK airbrush on ebay. Paid 10 bucks. I’m using it specifically for spraying 2 part urethane gloss on my kits. This way if it clogs and breaks, i won’t care about it. Since it’s external mix no paint actually can get in the brush. Oldschool is sometimes the safer way of doing it. Would only recommend this type of airbrush for spraying primers and clear coats. Since it’s single action, it really is a bad idea if you want to try other techniques like shading, etc.