Age 1 Titus

Seriously, I loved this kit. Not only does he look cool with his additional items, but he looks perfect as a stand alone. Very cool kit and will be getting the MG version. I just really liked something about this. Suttle, but cool. I decided to display him standard without anything additional:


Nub work:

Finished product:

On display shelf:

AGE HG models are great. You did really well on this. Any idea what your next kit will be?

Glad to see another fan of AGE HG kits. You did a good job on this guy. Nary a nub mark in sight.

Thanks for the replies guys. Really enjoyed this kit. Thinking about doing the MG version for my next kit

Here’s a few more pics I took:

Looks good man. Very clean.

Cool! I’ve been meaning to get one myself. Great job on the Titus.

Oohoohoo! The MG AGE-1 is one of the best kits in terms of stability out there. You won’t be disappointed.

Very nice build sir. Great example of a well built out of box kit.