So I’m in a pickle. My buddies and I want to go to Comic Con next year. We’ve talked about it extensively and short of having badges (since they won’t go on sale for a few months) we’ve got it all planned out. Since my spending money is well below what is needed to make the trip on my own I asked my parents to help me pay the bill as part of my Christmas for this upcoming year. San Diego is a long way from the South East coast and it would cost quite a pretty penny to get there, stay there, get all the goodies I’d want, etc. So money wise it’s a big commitment on my and my parent’s part. Also I’ll be starting my Veterinary Technology classes next summer which will be quite taxing and Comic Con would be the week before my finals so that’s also a big factor.

So here is my issue, should I go or not? It’s been a dream of mine to go since I was like 12 but obviously I could never find a way to get to San Diego and my parents wouldn’t let me go alone. If I didn’t go I could get a few things that I want for Christmas (air brush, compressor, the Gojulas, new DVDs for my anime collection, etc.). But I mean it’s freaking Comic Con, that’d be awesome to the max especially since I’m a bit of a nerd like that. What would you do if you were in my shoes?

Hmmm. I’ve wanted to go to Comic-Con since I new about it, and it’s been my dream as well to go there. Honestly, if I were you, I wouldn’t go. The flight to California from the East Coast is expensive, and I think you should spend your money elsewhere. Plus, there’s the stress of finals when you’re at Comic-Con. What if you can’t enjoy it because of the test? If I were you, I would wait.

I would wait as well. Endure the pain for now and get all of the necessary stuff dealt with first so it won’t end up hassling you in the long run. Assuming Comic Con suddenly won’t vanish before you graduate and find a job, it should still be there waiting for you. It should be much sweeter by then as well, since you’ll be going there without relying on anyone else’s money.

i would say wait til you are 18-20 then go. More possibilities for fun.

Yeah, I’d wait for another time as well. This is unless there is a once in a lifetime opportunity you can’t live without. I know San Diego is the “big daddy” of all Comicons but there might be some worthwhile guests at a city closer to where you live. I’ve only been to one big Comicon, Chicago in the 90’s, when I lived there. It was awesome- Frank Miller, Chris Claremont, Jim Lee, Al Williamson, Mike Mignola, Mike Allred, and more I forget were all there. Check closer cons for the particular people you would like to see.
San Diego Comicon usually has all the big names every year though so if you’re patient enough, wait.

lol well I’m 22 so…

I’m leaning more towards waiting. I only recently put two and two together about it being the week before finals and that’s what really got me thinking. It’s not like Comic Con is just going to suddenly stop anyways, just wanted you guys’ opinion.

I’d wait as well. The stress of cramming for finals would be a big deal. And Brotzmann makes a good point. See if there are any near where you’re currently located in the near future and go to one of them til you’re able to freely go to San Diego.

Yeah I’d wait until your done with school, if you lived on the west coast it wouldn’t be such a big deal, myself and the missus were looking at going next year or the year after, with her cousin and the cousins husband (he’s a good laugh, from New Jersey originally), although I think I might get roped into doing some Cosplay for that, have no idea what I would be though.

I too would hold. School should take first priority over Comic-Con. And while I live in California, I find it a little stressful as my friends and cousins have told me. If you want to go, I would wait until you have everything figured out; that includes flight plan, hotel, and spending cash for food and souvenirs.

if I were in your shoes, I’d decide not to attend the comic con, seeing as you’re already having trouble compensating for the expenses.
School/Graduation takes the highest priority, thus you should stay at home, studying for your finals. Should you succeed, you could earn your own money and go whenever you like.

Id say stay. endure for a little longer friend. It may hurt now, but at least it wont hurt you financially in the long run. once you’ve got yourself in a good position to go then go.

Don’t go. You’ll enjoy yourself more if you have less stress about going.

The con’s not going anywhere. You will eventually go.

Sorry if this is dragging up a dead thread, but I thought I could pass on some info that might be helpful to some who are looking to go to a Comic Con.

Don’t forget, SDCC is not the only Con out there. I went to this years NYCC and there were over 120,000 fans there. Last years SDCC had 125,000! Of course SDCC is the BEST, but there are alternatives closer to the East Coast. Including Miami’s Florida Super Con (more Anime & Comic Based),Animate!Miami (Anime Con) and Atlanta’s Dragon Con (More game based). There’s also one in Chicago & New Orleans.