Ace's Works in Progress

Ok quick recap

Gouf 2.0 with fully painted inner frame

This was the one in the background, wasn’t it? Whoo, it looks great in these recent pics. Very clean details.

This looks great! Might i suggest sticking to taking pictures at the distance for your first and last picture? Seems if it’s not that far away, it’s blurry. :confused: I really like the different tones on the thighs, I REALLY need to try building a 2.0 zaku.

That is a great looking inner frame man. The color differences and all the metallic details really looks awesome!

@squee your right about theics coming out blurry. It is annoying. Im thinking about buying a tryptic to use for photo shoots.

Thanks for the positive feedback guys!

Here’s a quick pic of the completed gouf. Ask questions and leave feedback positive or negative please! I had lots of fun experimenting with this kit and im pretty happy with the results. I basically used this kit to learn my airbrush and practice some weathering. I will do a proper photo shoot tomorrow.

I’ll start painting sinanju’s frame tomorrow. Im not going to worry about details to much since the frame will be mostly covered. The majority of the frame will be done in vallejo’s oily steel, some gunmetal in small areas such as vulcans etc. I plan on detailing the thrusters on his back and the knees where all those moving parts are.

stay tuned guys and please leave feedback.

It looks great and the weathering itself is done well. My only gripe is that perhaps the weathering should be a bit less from the waist up? Just from a realistic perspective because of how tall it is. Of course, it’s not an issue if the suit has been doing a lot of rolls and tumbles.

Yeah your right. I kinda got to happy with the weathering and its not scaled well. I feel like I put too much mud on the feet and ankles… If a dirt wad falls off of his leg onto someone it will surly kill them!

Haha, that’s an interesting way of putting it. Crush a platoon of infantry by kicking some of that mud off.

Scaling issue aside, it bears repeating that it’s still well-done. Got that look of a relic.

Remnant from the one year war

Mission accomplished, then.

Damn that Gouf looks good. Id fight side by side with that experienced veteran. SIEG ZEON!!!

Looks like he’s rolled a gundam or two now. As with Zaku, I’d gladly let my Zaku II fight along side it.

Great job for sure!

If you guys notice there is no visible damage on the suit. This guy had an ace pilot for sure!

Alright my next project is mg sinanju ver ka. Got this kit about 3 months ago off mandarake for 3500 yen! After the paying the same amount for ems shipping I really didnt save much but oh well. Any ways ive already built the frame and removed seamlines from the white thrusters. Other than that nothing.

Sweet. The Sinanju is one of the coolest suits out there.

That sinaju looks like it dwarfs everything on that shelf!

Haha. although it is taller part of this is due to the angle of the picture. I cant wait to see how big this kit is when I get all the armor on.

this is the color i’ll be using for most of sinanju’s frame. Vallejo’s oily steel. Took me a while to get the thinning down for vallejo to spray properly but I think I finally got it. Im using a windex/distilled water mix as thinner. The straight windex seemed to make the paint form small clumps that kept clogging my airbrush. I was hoping to use oily steel in combination with tamiya’s gunmetal using gunmetal for smaller details and the umbilical but the colors are so similar I cant really tell a difference.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a metallic I can use. I want it to be darker than the oily steel but not black. Tis will give me three tones of grey to blck metallics. The black metallic being around the crest’s the oily steel for the exposed area’s of the frame and the color in question will be used on umbilical’s and the small hoses on the forearms.

Let me know what you guys think.

Hmmm, what about Alclad Gunmetal? I hear that’s pretty dark while still having a noticeable metallic sheen. I was going to also suggest mixing in a bit of black to the Oily Steel, but it might make it too dark.