A Song of Ice and Fire (Books only, Spoiler Warning)

Thwalker has said it’d be okay to make a thread about the books and effectively split the two appart so everyone can enjoy the discussion without alienateing those who have only seen the series. Thanks for that by the way. Especially since I wanted to see what people who have read the books think about a certain Fan Theory.

Book fan right here. Read them all first before watching an episode of the adaptation. What’s this theory you got?

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AKA That Jon Snow is really the Son of Rheagar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, there’s a few things pointing towards it though out the series.

Personally I see it as possible but not a for sure thing.

Huh, that’s a theory I never thought of. I think I’m going to peruse the wiki to refresh my memory because I never got the impression that Jon Snow was anyone particularly unique in terms lineage.

Here’s a Good thread about it from the guys who run the wiki.


There’s also the “Dragon Has Three Heads” thing and right now, between Aegon and Dany there’s only two, now one might argue one of the Martel kids could step in and fill that role (though Quentyn died he does have a sister and another brother IIRC) the reason this seems likely is that could have been why Lyanna was taken by Rheagar in the first place, since his wife (First wife maybe? Targaryens have practiced Polygamy just as much as intermarriage so maybe he married Lyanna as well?) then we have other evidence pointing to it as well as seen in that thread as well as other places as well.

Wow, there’s a lot to read in that thread. I can kinda see where they’re going. I’m going to keep reading to see if I can be further convinced.

Yeah, like I said it’s pretty damn deep how far they go, the links are also pretty good, but some are Dated (I.E before A Dance with Dragon’s came out so people didn’t know about Aegon being alive yet)

Yeah I’m not 100% sold my self, but it’d be pretty intresting to see if it happens, wonder how he’d feel to find out his father wasn’t even his father, and his dead aunt was really his mother? (I’d imagine that’d be one of the definitions of mind f***)