A question about painting clear parts

I was getting ready to paint, scribe, and customize my MG Barbatos, I was thinking about putting LED lights in but wanted to keep the pink clear power parts clear but I wanted to make them different colors. If I used a clear color, and no primer does anyone think the parts would just stay clear, so the light will still get through them?

What color were you wanting them to be?

You can change the color of clear plastic by painting a different clear color over it. How ever it will take multiple cost and it may not be the shade you want.

Clear red over green.

Pink to orange.

You could also mix and match to try and hmget the desired color you want. This was just a test to see how it would turn out if I used those colors and if they would stay the same.

Clear blue I think.

What clear paint did you use over that? Tamiya, Mr Color, or something else? Looks awesome by the way.

… I have 3 different brands of clear. Im pretty sure I used tamiya. I mark my open jars of paint I’ll check when I get home.

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I use Tamiya clear, and I love it.


Now is the Tamiya clear color a lacquer or an Acrylic?

It’s an alcohol based acrylic. You can thin it with either Tamiya thinner or rubbing alcohol (isopropyl).

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Right on, what’s that ratio?

So I checked. I used tamiya paints in those photos.

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