A new RP story??

I was wondering if you guys, meaning the regular role players of this forum, would be interested in starting another RP. I have two storylines in mind that would take place either in UC 0081, after a unexpected ending to the One Year War which changed the world of the U.C. as we know it, or in an post-apocalyptic Cosmic Era where the final battle of Gundam Seed went a little differently (aka Muruta Azrael and Patrick Zala managed to partially pull off their respective genocidal plans). I will elaborate more if enough people are interested in starting a new RP (at least 5 people including myself).

PS if you guys wanted to wait until you wrapped up the 2-3 RPs that have already been started I understand.

Both are intresting ideas.

We’ve done UC a bit but this would be diffrent seeing as it’d be a time line skew.

I have a post apocolpitic RP in the works for when my current one ends, but that’s a cross over not CE based. Exia also has the AW Rp which is post apocolytipc as well. But still this would be a bit diffrent I’d imagine.

Am I intrested in starting a new one right now? I don’t know I guess there are only two really active right now, War Torn Horizon being the most active mine being semi active ATM, and Clouded Moonlight which has been put on hold for Exia’s writers block it seems. But if you could elaborate on them more I could give a solid awnser as if to I’m wanting to join another one right now.

Well, the others have been doing a UC one for quite some time. I think it is wrapping up in the next couple months. I’m not really sure what other direction you could take it.

A CE one would be different, but I am afraid most of the RPers here have a rather high distaste for anything CE. You might want to consider if you can’t combine all your best ideas together into a single coherent story.

I can’t speak for everyone but I think most of us Dislike SEED/SEED Destiny, not Astray and Stargazer/CE as a whole.

Personally I’m most intrested in the CE idea, it has potential and I love the suits of that Universe. Hence why one of my charictars in War-Torn horizon uses one full time, and Exia’s main in that does as well. (Granted there’s a name change but it’s still based upon a CE suit)

I agree with ZRC…Im “ok” with Seed…I DISPISE Destiny with a burning passion…Burns more than God Gundams Burning finger…but I DO NOT HATE the CE as a whole, in honesty id love to see more done with this AT.

Yeah I like SEED well enough I can stomach most of Destiny it’s when Kira gets involved that I get pissed.

That said I do like CE as a whole, Astray and Stargazer both are awesome, and CE has some of the best mecha designs in gundam IMO.

I will make posts tomorrow giving a rough outline of the two RP ideas I have. Right now I need to get to sleep cuz I got class in 6 hours. Good night.


Id love to see an RP that involves a Mass-Produced version of that…I know it was mean for Deep Space Exploration but it just looks so damn cool to leave alone lol

To note, as for my feelings of CE. My username is actually the name of my CE fan character. So it should be no question whether I would be interested in that.

For the record I like SEED, in fact Destiny is what got me back into gundam after a few years. I guess I’d be sorta interested in a CE RP, really just depends how it’s presented.

As to why my RP isn’t running, lack of laptop. I need some of my notes and the ability to use color font. Other than those things the RP would be running.

That’s good to hear Exia, hope you get your laptop back soon.

That said, can’t wait to see more about these ideas, I allready have a general charictar idea agoing, she should be easy to adapt to either CE or UC.

(Yes I said she, I have something I want to try out, a female full charictar not a side charictar/NPC no one’s tried it yet so I think I’ll be the first to give it a go)

The year is U.C. 0081, and the world is not as you remember it…….

The One Year War occurred in the same manner as in the normal MSG continuity up until the Battle of A Baoa Qu, where two events went differently. The first changed event was that Zeon’s Solar Ray cannon did not burn out after its first shot against General Revil and Degwin Sodo Zabi. The second changed event was that Kycilia Zabi failed to execute her brother Gihren after he revealed that he murdered their father and died in her attempt at justice. Therefore Gihren remained the overall commander of the Zeon forces at A Baoa Qu throughout the battle. When the tide started turning against Zeon, Gihren ordered the Solar Ray to fire at Earth, hoping to crush the Federation’s resolve. Instead it just caused the Feddies to attack even fiercer. Gihren ordered the Solar Ray to fire on the Federation ships, even though friendly forces were engaged with them, causing massive losses to both sides. It was then that Amuro Ray and Char Aznable, who had already fought their mobile suit battle and were engaged in their epic swordfight, had their fight interrupted by Char’s sister Sayla and were told of the events occurring on the battlefield. Amuro and Char decide to put off their duel and go after Gihren together, getting into a pair of Rick-Doms and fighting their way to where Gihren was, at his flagship the Dolos. Meanwhile, the White Base and her crew decided to go after the Solar Ray cannon. Gihren, seeing that the battle would be lost, ordered the Solar Ray cannon to fire on Earth repeatedly, hoping to use that as a distraction while he retreated from the battlefield. The Solar Ray managed to get off 6 more shots to the Earth before it was destroyed by the Federation forces lead by the White Base. Amuro and Char managed to stop Gihren’s escape, with Char finishing him off much like he did Kycilia Zabi in the normal MSG continuity, but with the Rick-Dom’s Beam Bazooka instead of a regular-sized one. With all the Zabis dead, Amuro and Char prepare to finish their battle to the death but before they can start, Char receives several messages from nearby friendly Zeon forces, asking him what they should do now that all the leaders are dead, not knowing that he was the one that killed off Gihren. Char decided to put the lives of his allies ahead of his feud with Amuro and calls for a retreat to Side 3, with most of the Zeon forces acknowledging his orders. Amuro decides not to follow Char, and instead goes back to make sure Sayla and the rest of the White Base crew made it out alive. The rest of the Federation forces are too disorganized and battle-weary to follow and finish off the Zeon forces and so ends the Battle of A Baoa Qu.

One Month Later….
The Federation fleet has been repaired, resupplied, and reorganized at Luna II and was waiting on orders from Earth. They received their first communication from Earth since the Battle of A Baoa Qu and have just found out how hectic things are groundside. Two of the Solar Ray attacks hit Brazil, wiping out Jaburo and most of the Federation’s leadership. Two of the other attacks hit the Atlantic Ocean, causing massive tsunamis which caused even more destruction. The other 3 attacks hit the U.S. Midwest, Poland, and Western Russia. With most of the E.F. leadership dead and all the devastation that has occurred on Earth, the remaining Federation leaders order the space fleet to just stand-by for further orders while they get the situation under control on Earth. Many of the soldiers within the fleet are not happy with these orders, wishing to go finish off Zeon at Side 3 for revenge. Seeing a golden opportunity to gain power, Jamitov Hyman and his lackey Bask Om rally the Federation Fleet, demanding vengeance on Zeon, and gain control over 70% of the fleet. The remaining 30% of the fleet, under the command of Blex Forer and Bright Noa, have seen enough bloodshed and don’t wish to continue the war. Jamitov-led forces go off to finish off the Zeon threat (and secretly Jamitov and Bask intend to wipe out Side 3 altogether) while the Blex-led forces remain at Luna II.
Meanwhile the surviving Zeon forces from A Baoa Qu arrived at Side 3 in complete disarray and with morale at an all time low. It would seem evitable that the Feddie forces would chase them down eventually and finish them off, and with the Zabis and most of the top leadership dead at Solomon and A Baoa Qu no one was around to rally the people in defense of the Zeon homeland. It was in this darkest hour that Char Aznable decided to reveal his true identity as Casval Rem Deikun, son of Zeon Zum Deikun, Zeon’s founding father via a live TV broadcast to all of Side 3. Char would then reveal his hand in the deaths of Garma and Gihren Zabi, done in retribution for the murder of his father by the Zabis. Char denounced the Zabi family and their actions throughout the war, claiming that they had led the Zeon people astray from the path which his father wished for them to take, their destiny to lead mankind into the space to become Newtypes. He then pleads with the Zeon people to follow him and fight for their destiny, their way of life, and their future. Most of the Zeon people and soldiers decide to follow Char and prepare for the coming Federation attack, while two groups decide to leave Side 3. One of these groups is the Delaz Fleet (the same one from Gundam 0083) which was unwilling to stay and defend the Zeon homeland if it meant being under the command of the man who killed their beloved commander Gihren Zabi. The other group was a group of Pro-Zabi supporters who decided to head for Axis

Battle of Side 3
The Jamitov-led Federation fleet arrived at Side 3, ready to finish off the Zeon threat once and for all. However, instead of the weak and decimated Zeon forces they expected to find, there stood a proud and mighty Zeon fleet ready to fight for their homeland, led by the new leader of the rechristened Republic of Zeon, Casval Rem Deikun (Char Aznable). The battle had barely begun when the Blex-led forces arrived on the scene. Surprised by the new arrivals, both sides had retreated back to their lines to regroup, but when the Earth forces realized that the arrivals were friendly forces, they decided to continue their attack. However, something unexpected happened. The Blex-led forces demanded that the other Earth forces leave Side 3 at once, and declared that the One Year War ended at A Baoa Qu, and that any more fighting would just be pointless violence and bloodshed. Jamitov cursed Blex and ordered the fleet to advance anyways, but then Blex announced that if they took one more step towards Side 3, that his forces would join those of Zeon’s. Blex then condemned Jamitov and Bask, knowing that their intentions were to wipe out Side 3 and all of Zeon in order to be seen as the big heroes that ended the “evil scourge of Zeon.” Blex would then warn the Zeon forces not to continue the fight or they would instead join up with the rest of the Earth forces to fight Zeon after all. Having grown weary of war himself, Casval ordered his forces to return to Side 3 and announced that he too recognized the end of the One Year War at A Baoa Qu. Seeing no other choice, Jamitov ordered his forces to retreat, but not before declaring that he would have his revenge on Blex and Casval.

0081 – The start of the RP
It has been one year since the Battle of Side 3, and while the situation on Earth is still very chaotic, the situation in Space is relatively stable. Several new factions have emerged in the past year:

Londo Bell
A peacekeeping organization founded by the Blex-led forces from the Battle of Side 3 dedicated to protecting the peace in space. The numbers have been boosted by the arrival of like-minded former Federation and Zeon soldiers who also wish to maintain the peace of all of outer space, as well as volunteers from many of the space colonies. Important NPCs in this faction include Blex Forer, Amuro Ray, Bright Noa, Sayla Mass, Kai Shiden, Hayato Kobayashi, and the rest of the White Base crew (Fraw, Mirai, the two operator dudes, etc.), Ford Romfellow, Luce Kussel, Astonaige Medoz, and Cima Garahau. They operate out of the remains of Side 7 and utilize a variety of O.Y.W. era Federation and Zeon Mobile Suits and Ships.

Republic of Zeon
The former Principality of Zeon, now led by Casval Rem Deikun, the former Red Comet himself. The Republic of Zeon has been flourishing under Casval’s leadership and the peaceful times of the past year, although it is still nowhere near its pre-war economic or military power. They have reestablished relationships with the other Sides and with the moon cities, and have begun trading with them. Important NPCs in this faction include Casval Rem Deikun, Johnny Ridden, Shin Matsunaga, Apolly Bey, and Roberto. They operate out of Side 3 and use a variety of O.Y.W. era Zeon Mobile Suits and Ships.

The Jamitov-led forces of the Battle of Side 3. They have grown stronger in the past year as well, gaining supplies, reinforcements, and support from certain parties on Earth which fear the rise and return of Zeon. The soldiers from this faction vary from those who wish to wipe out all spacenoids, to those just wanting revenge on Zeon, to those just wishing to protect the Earth from further threats. Important NPCs in this faction include Jamitov Hymem, Bask Om, Henken Bekkener, South Burning, Bernard Monsha, Chap Adel, Alpha A. Bate, Yuu Kajima, and Yazan Gable. They operate out of Luna II, Solomon, and Pezun and use a variety of O.Y.W. era Federation Mobile Suits and Ships, as well as certain Zeon derived Mobile Suits (the Galbaldy B in particular).

The Delaz Fleet
Not much to say about them. They are essentially the same faction from Gundam 0083. Important NPCs in this faction include Aiguille Delaz, Anavel Gato, Kelley Layzner, and the remaining members of the Midnight Fenrir corps. They operate out of the “Garden of Thorns,” their base in the shoal zone of Side 5 and utilize a variety of O.Y.W. era Zeon Mobile Suits and Ships.

Other Factions include the united Moon Cities, the various Sides, and Axis Zeon, although none of them will really play a big role in the RP.

-The initial storylines of each factions are as followed:
Londo Bell: They will tracking down and eliminating certain troublemaking remnants of the Federation/Zeon forces of the O.Y.W. that are not aligned with any of the other three factions.
Republic of Zeon: They will be investigating mysterious attacks on their trade convoys heading towards the other colonies and the moon cities.
Titans: They will be heading to Earth to put down some rebel Zeon forces hiding down in Africa near Mount Kilimanjaro as a favor to their benefactors on Earth (+10 points if you know which Zeon rebels I am talking about)
Delaz Fleet: They will be staging an attack on the Titans’ base at Pezun.

-I wanted our RP characters to be able to interact with some established characters from the existing Gundam universe, which is why I listed NPCs for each faction. This doesn’t mean that we are limited to those NPCs though (we can make up and use only our own NPCs if we wish), and I don’t really want us interacting too much or too often with the really important NPCs like Amuro or Char, but teaming up and going into battle with beloved supporting characters like Hayato, Yazan Gable, or Johnny Ridden for a chapter would be fun.

-I combined certain aspects from the Seed RP into this story (especially the part about Gihren ruining the Earth, which originally was supposed to be Patrick Zala and Murate Azreal ruining the Earth and the PLANTS in the Seed RP), and decided not to bother posting my idea for a Seed RP. However, if you guys like this RP story, but wish to do it in the CE instead I can reorganize the UC 0081 RP into a Seed RP with a similar backstory and setting. Instead of the Londo Bell, Republic of Zeon, Titans, and Delaz Fleet factions of the UC 0081 RP, I can make factions based on Orb, ZAFT, the Earth Alliance, the Three Ship Alliance, and/or the Junk Guild for a SEED RP. A CE version of this RP idea would take place on Earth and in space though, as opposed to just in space like the UC 0081 RP and I think I would have to put certain despised SEED characters as leaders/important members of the factions (cough Jesus and Lacus cough) in order to make the story work.

I’ll be honest, I’m not interested in another UC RP at all. And alternate universe ideas have little appeal to me. Chances are I won’t be joining your RP.

I’m sorta in with Exia, but more due to the fact that I’ve got too many characters to juggle right now (This is one of 3 sites I RP on), on top of work, and other projects. I’m spread a little thin at the moment :frowning:

You made AEUG much stronger and the Titans much weaker. So basically the AEUG is going to win-- but they won in the normal universe when they were weaker. So, kind of a pointless change.

You have implied that anyone in Zeon at all would follow Char after he admitted what he did to Garma and openly declared a blood-feud on an infant girl… all over a supposed act of betrayal that seems to exist only in his mad, delusional mind. How exactly would the few people who would be suicidal and self-destructive enough to follow him after that be enough to defend Side 3? You have Char basically telling everyone not to believe a word he says, that he will backstab them the moment they are most vulnerable if he so much as imagines you have slighted him and that anyone who trusts him is an utter fool who deserves what is coming to them. So maybe he can recruit about 100 people to try to drop a colony or asteroid in Earth, but that is about it. Remember, in Z his backstabbing ways had become public knowledge somehow (Kamille inexplicably knew about it so he could randomly praise Char in front of Char), but virtually no one in Zeon was clamoring for him to take a position of command.

Moreover, there is no reason at all for the Delaz Fleet, other Zeon remnants and Axis not to join together into a single united force. Remember, the only reason they didn’t join up together before was the divide between whether it was best to violate all treaties and hit the Earth with everything they had left or to bide their time and rebuild their power. There really is no longer a reason to have that debate. Which means just like in Z, after AEUG finishes off the Titans they will find that Zeon has become incredibly strong… just like in the normal storyline.

Basically in the macro-level, this alternative changes nothing of substance. On the micro-level, you have a lot of silly things going on here for no reason. Where is the interesting part here?

If one does an alternate version of a war story, typically you either want to strengthen the side that lost the war or weaken the side that won it. Or you could bring in a faction that didn’t exist until later and have them show up earlier as it would mix things up and possibly change the overall outcome.

Anyway… maybe your CE idea would have more momentum.

I have to agree with Exia on this, I’m just not really intrested in another UC RP at all. I mean at this point I’m just trying to get mine to an end, I feel as if I kind of jumped the shark with the second UC RP (bad timing me starting it in 0086 lol) and really I’d like to put the UC to rest at least for awhile. I also may give it a month or two inbetween when it ends and I fire up my next one, because I need a break and only doing two at the moment would be nice, especially without having to DM.

I also have to agree with a few of Jaster’s points namely the ones about how more or less this is just going to be the Gryps conflict with a few diffrent faces and a few alternate happenings, the main jist of the conflict will from what I can see end up more or less the same, and end up leading into another Zeon Vs. Federation war.

I think the CE idea may get more momentum but even then, like Char said, I’m juggleing allot of charictars, and at this point I’m only juggleing them on this one site, I had to leave the GFAQ’s Skyrim RP partially in part to RP more here again when it fired back up recently.

So I forgot all about this thread. I decided to forget about the UC RP. It was admittingly a poorly thought-out idea, and I don’t think I can work on it some more to make it more interesting. That being said, I have thought of a new RP. The RP will be made up of two parts, the first part just being a 3-4 chapter prologue that is a cross between Zoids: New Century Zero and G Gundam. The 2nd part is a cross between Robotech, Pacific Rim, and a screenplay I had been working on for awhile now. Here is a synopsis of the story and backstory:

Earth, 2015
An archeological dig discovers strange metal discs and an ancient machine, which are dated to 8000 BC. Scientists and other experts come from around the world to study these new findings, and one of them has the bright idea of putting one of the discs into the machine. The machine turns on, and releases a giant robot from the disc (the RX-78 of course). This robot is dubbed a “mobile suit” and several more of them are released from the other discs. Scientists spend the next 2 years studying and trying to activate the robots to no avail. However, a child of one of the scientists ends up alone in the site one day, and places her palm on the RX-78, mysteriously activating it when no other person could and ends up being teleported inside of the suit. The scientists proceed to run a bunch of tests on the machine, which the child pilots for them in a mobile trace system like in G Gundam, and make a bunch of discoveries. One, only a small percentage of the human race, which possess a unique gene in their DNA can activate and pilot the mobile suits. Two, when the pilot activates the suit, they bond with it and are given superhuman abilities (mainly increased physical attributes like Captain America, but also a powerful healing factor like Wolverine). In addition, the person who first activates the suit is the only person who can use that suit, thanks to the mysterious bond they form with it. However, that bond has some negative effects, which the scientists find out the hard way with their 2nd subject,. The 1st is that the pilot must enter the suit on a daily basis or they will become extremely sick and die. The 2nd is that should the suit be destroyed, which happened to the 2nd test subject’s MS in a mock battle, the pilot will shortly perish afterwards, even if they survive the actual destruction of their suit itself. They will also discover much later on that the opposite is true, that should the pilot die, their suit will crumble away into dust afterwards.

Earth, 2018
With the mobile suits’ capabilities having been discovered and displayed, a scramble occurs between all the governments of the world to uncover more of the discs and unlocking machines, turning into an arms race, which escalates even further when the first reverse-engineered, mass-production suits are made from the original mobile suits. However, before these new developments end up causing World War III, the strongest countries in the world come together and come up with a solution. Their answer is to create an organization called the International Battle Committee, or I.B.C., which will mediate conflicts between nations by forcing whatever opposing sides are involved in the conflict to fight mock battles using mobile suits, with the winning side getting the conflict resolved in their favor. The solution works great, mostly thanks to the formation of the Union of Independent Mobile Fighters, or the U.I.M.F. This group of privately owned-and-operated mobile suits and their pilots allowed countries with smaller numbers of mobile suits to compete with the stronger nations in their conflicts. The I.B.C. and its battle system worked so well that soon it spread to becoming the solution to conflicts between business companies, states, organizations, etc. and battles held purely for sport and entertainment were soon held by both the I.B.C. and private fight promoters.

The story opens up in 2027, with our characters either being private fighters in the U.I.M.F. or national/regional pilots fighting for their nations/regions. The first 3-4 chapters will be mainly our characters participating battles and tournaments that will be used to set up our characters traits and personalities, the world of the RP, and any rivalries/relationships between our characters. The chapters following that will involve an alien race, which possesses mobile suits as well, invading Earth, and the Nations and mobile suits pilots of Earth rallying together to fight them off.

Please give me your feedback on this new idea and if you like it. I know that most of us, myself included, are too busy to participate in another RP at the moment, but I would like to run this RP or a different one eventually.