A Master Grade Dragonar? I wish!

Okay Bandai. You’ve got the Gundam series pretty well buttoned up, but how about some of the other robot/mecha shows that are out there? Just because they may not be as well known to audiences world-wide (at least at this moment), i’m sure if you started releasing High-Grade/Master-Grade/Perfect-Grade kits from Dragonar or Layzner or even Voltron, that you wouldn’t create an interest in those series that would then justify the cost of producing those kits? “If you make it, they will come”!
At least that’s MY thoughts on the subject. What are yours?
James Staley
Jones, Oklahoma
Anime Fan 4ever

Does bandai own those properties or have permission to make products based on them?

Well, checking upon the mentioned anime, Sunrise seemed to have produced Dragonar and Layzner, so should not have too much problem for Bandai to make stuffs for them if they want. Voltron seemed to be owned by Toei, however, Bandai did make the Super Mini Pla and Soul of Chogokin ones for Voltron, so it might depend on the licensing agreement on what they can produce.

On a side note, super off topic too, Bandai’s Super Mini Pla of the Sentai series rarely seen in the states most likely due to Hasbro retain the licenses for Power Ranger and that most likely have some type of conflict of interest for Bandai to sell those items in the states… At some points, its all about the rights and licensing…