A lil bit lost in s1 gundam 00 ending

im kinda new to gundam actually decided to watch 00 season 1 after build fighters(lots of difference there between these 2 lol). So the story is good but the ending im kinda lost to it. i mean after setsuna and graham duel what happened after that. when Saji saw the particles what does it mean? really hope someone can explain about this.

I hate to be “that guy”, but all your questions will be answered by watching season 2.


haha its ok. in fact im watching it right now

Having just finished season 2, will tell you that parts of your questions will be answered. However, they really did not go into bunch of details about the 4 year gap between the fights and when Saji in space. Then again, probably missed some stuffs while watching most of the episodes at 2x speed. :rofl: