A Gundam inspired Novel

Hello. My name is David Viergutz.

I’m the author of over sixteen sci-fi, fantasy, and horror novels living in Austin, Texas. The reason I’m reaching out to you today is to humbly ask you to share my Kickstarter campaign on your website and on social media.

As an indie author, I don’t have the resources and publishing team behind me to reach people like your customers who love the sci-fi genre as much as I do. A Kickstarter campaign is a fundraising campaign hosted on the Kickstarter website, but unlike other fundraising campaigns, this one allows me to offer perks for donating. Some of the perks I’m offering to those who donate include:

Collector’s Boxes

Signed Copies with Personalizations


Custom Artwork.

You may be asking why I’m reaching out here specifically. The answer is simple. Prior to becoming a writer, I was a long-time fan of sci-fi, horror, and fantasy. I devoured everything I could get my hands on from movies to video games, comics, collectibles, and action figures. Having access to those things fed my creativity, and in a way I’m sure you’ll understand, they helped shape the person I would become.

I’m a proud veteran and now police officer. I’m the father of two girls. In many ways, I’m still the sci-fi fan, fantasy geek, and horror-loving boy and young boy who wants to create worlds, share them with others, and do my part to give those experiences to others. I hope you’ll help me do that by simply sharing the link to my Kickstarter campaign on social media and on your website. I can’t tell you how much that would mean to me and to my lifelong dream.

The project I am raising money for is for my first novel in my Starhelm Series. It harkens back to my favorite childhood TV show Gundam. It features giant fighting robots, space battles and intergalactic wars. Backers of my campaign will directly contribute to the production of the book which includes professional cover art, editing, and formatting.

The story takes place long after earth was abandoned, and space travel has not yet been commercialized. The hero, Royce Burgess, a Starhelm pilot, is hiding. With his crew, which includes a six-foot-long worm and the unruly daughter of a mafia-like clan, Royce must recover his missing Starhelm and save the galaxy from a threat.

If you help me spread the word, I can assure you that all who support it will have the opportunity to take part in an adventure they’ll love and one that I’m sure many, like myself, have always dreamed of being a part of. Imagine having the opportunity to help the writer build a sci-fi project and get prizes for their participation along the way.

Thank you for reading and thank you in advance for supporting indie authors and my art.

I’ve attached graphics, my website and link to the Kickstarter for you to use. Please share this far and wide, use any copy as you please. Great places to share are Facebook and Newsletters.

Warm Regards,

David Viergutz

Link - http://kck.st/3CaLzRI


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