A few questions about painting and weathering

Sorry if any of these are dumb, but this will be the first gundam I’ve painted, and only the 4th I’ve built, so I’m pretty new.

I’m looking for a darker purple color for one gundam and I can’t seem to find it flat, what would happen if I used the glossy purple, then sprayed it with flat top coat? (or if anyone could recommend a purple paint that’s a little on the darker side and flat, that would be helpful).

Color wash can be used as panel liner, am I understanding that correctly?

Vallejo acrylic colorwash is easier to get than tamiya panel liner, for me, would there be a problem if i used an acrylic color wash on something I’ve painted in enamel (or should I stick with acrylic on acrylic) or should I stick with the panel lining gundam markers?

I also have a few normal gundam markers. If I were to bleed those out and paint them on withe a brush, should I prime the plastic, or no?

I found a good deal on some airbrush primer, but I don’t have an airbrush, could I just paint that on with a regular brush?

I’m exhausted, so I hope I articulated those well enough. Thanks in advance for any guidance.

First off how are you painting your kits?

If you apply a flat clear over a gloss paint it will dull the paint giving a flat look.

Yes you can use a color wash for panel lining.

You should always apply a gloss clear over your paint to protect it and help the paint flow easier in the paint lines. You can use a acrylic wash over a enamel. You just need to give the paint enough time to fully cure and apply a gloss clear coat before the wash. Vallejo makes a good product you shouldn’t have any issues.

I’m not a fan of gundam makers. It can be difficult to get a even coat of paint and if you don’t want to color of the plastic to bleed through and affect the paint color them prime the kit. You could also try the marker on a piece of the runner to see if the bare plastic will affect the color before you paint the part.

As for the question about brushing on airbrush prime. I don’t know. It should work, but may take multiple coats before it is thinned for use with a airbrush.

I was going to use brushes as much as possible. I’d like to avoid spray painting if I can because hand painting is just easier for me, I will be buying spray top coat though.

One thing, I should probably clarify; there are actually 2 models I had specific plans for.

One is a z’gok I was only going to panel line, and maybe play around with weathering (vallejo has a set of color washes that comes with a green I think would look cool as the start of a sort of subtle mossy growth on an old z’gok that’s been abandoned for awhile).

The other is a death army I wanted to paint, but I guess I hand’t fully planned out how, or if, I was going to panel line it.

I think what I’m going to do is just buy a few different types of color wash and focus on that before I take on painting. I have a couple other cheap kits I already like the color of, so I figure those will make a good enough sacrifice to the gods beginner kit building.

Thanks again for the reply.