A.B. DUNBINE to get U.S. release!

For you left - over anime fans from the 1980s (like me), you might be interested in knowing that AURA BATTLER DUNBINE is coming out on Blu-ray!! Here’s a great old classic I thought we’d never see released over here. James Staley Jones, Ok. 4ever anime fan (from the '80s)

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I’m confused, I thought that you could already get it on Blu-Ray in America? :thinking:

My friend Robert picked up the blu-ray this weekend and we watched episode one. The animation is not great (pretty awful actually!), But it has a very good story and I’ve LOVED the opening and closing theme songs for years. And Bandai is now releasing MG-grade kis from the series, some thing I never expected to see. James Staley Jones, ok. Anime fan 4 the rest of my life!!!