A 1/35th Type 61 tank kit!

I have been watching Gundam Igloo and have been loving it! ! It is about a series of individual war stories that takes place during the One Year war and they are all very tragic (do not watch this series if you are looking a HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY ending!). But after watching it, I now find myself wanting a 1/35th Type 61 Twin-Barreled Federation tank in 1/35th scale.
I know Bandai has one in a “combat set” in 1/144th with one of the Gundam kits, but I haven’t seen one in 1/35th. I would love to have one from Tamiya or Fine Molds or any of the other big kit makers that are known for their quality. I think it would be a best seller.Think of the diorama possibilites

James Staley
Jones, Okla.
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You need to look at the U.C. Hard Graph line of kits. It has exactly what you want. https://gundam.fandom.com/wiki/Universal_Century_Hard_Graph

The problem will be just having to keep an eye out for reissues and what places might stock it.

Also mostly unrelated but the Bandai also recently released another tank with the Extended Armament Vehicle Tank as a part of 30 Mission Missions. That’s also supposed to be able to have compatible parts for gunpla/30mm kits and a transport that 1/144th mecha kits can ride on. Might be useful for other projects.

If you’d like to see what’s in the kit go here and scroll down the page to the 1/35 Hard Graph kits. The kit has both water slide decals and photo etch parts.