3rd Party Detail Up Kit opinions

I’ve seen quite a few options out there for detail up kits featuring stencil etch decals and metal components in varying colors and locations.

I guess what I’m looking for is some input on if anyone would recommend or warn me away? If so why?

I recently was looking into the idea for sazabi ver ka. The metal thrusters look cool in the pictures but I’m skeptical/wary of most things until I learn more about them. I’ve been burned by 3rd party/after market products before.

I’ve gotten a few metal detail parts (IE Thrusters, gun barrels, Eye sensors)
So far they seem pretty good, the only downside (to me at least) is having to permanently modify parts.
I got these kits off of ebay.

Did some on the Psycho Zaku and PG Banshee

Ebay is where I’ve found most of the promising ones.

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Also check on Amazon they have some on there, and Galactictoys.com carries photo etch parts.

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I have a detail up parts set for the MG Sinanju and I believe I have one laying around for the MG Hi-Nu Ver Ka. If you’re planning a custom build or even just a paint job. It’s not a bad idea for the detail up parts. As it’ll make your kit stand out more.


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GFFMC Wings For MG Wing Zero ver ka

Well, more an add on than detail parts but still pretty cool.