12 episodes of "'Witch" now, and here's my opinion

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At this point, I’m just waiting to watching it when it comes to Gundam.Info.

Wait, huh? Episode 12 has not yet aired, it will be airing this coming Sunday. How you get to episode 12 already?

Episode 0 to episode 11 is 12 episodes released.

:astonished: You logged in after 3 years just to answer that question? Wow.

But yeah, the prologue to episode 11 equal to 12 episodes, that was understood. It was just that @jamesstaley mentioned episode 12, so was thinking was there a leak somewhere missed or something? Because that happens, not that often with anime but still happens…

I’ve been logged in, I just don’t post as often as I used too. There’s been too much bitching and complaining being post about to this new series for me to engage with.

Either way, It’s still nice to hear from you.

Nice to see you’re still around Exia.

I am watching Witch, and Urusei Yatsura, and most all new anime, at the home of my friend Robert, because he has paid internet at his house, so I’m seeing most all of the new anime within days of them being released. All I know is that the last episode I saw…where the attack on Mr. Delling is starting…was labeled as episode 12. And how dare they end that episode on a cliff hanger like that…! Arrrggghhhh! James Staley. Jones, Okla. Anime fan 4ever.

I find it to be okay. I like Gundam Thurderbolt a lot more.