10 Gundam Heroes who are technically the bad guys


I wouldn’t take any article written by kotaku and CBR.
They are garbage sites who use geek culture to push their own political ideology. This article is a prime example. They are basing their opinion solely off of whether or not the characters action aligns with their personal beliefs and not if the characters are justified in their actions. They are also basing their opinion off of the anime and not off of all the source material that is available.


Yeah I didn’t agree with most of it anyway.

They forgot Mikazuki Augus, and Tekkadan on this list. They sided with a power hungry mad man.

While they were doing it for good reasons in the 1st season they definitely turned into the bad guys the 2nd season. The road to hell is paved with good intentions

It’s more they were doing it for the group and those that were living the same life as them (human debris), so no one would have to live that kind of life, but didn’t fully realize what it was they were getting into. Tekkaden was sweet talked by a man with a silver tongue.

Yeah… I really hate CBR articles. Most of the time, they’re under-researched trash fires of opinion and little fact. Half of this list is complete bull. According to this article, it appears that having any sort of ties to Zeon automatically makes you a “bad guy.” Which is wrong, as we see COUNTLESS times in Gundam media.

CBR and WatchMojo. Those two make me cringe really hard.

Yeah, but after they joined up with McGillis technically, they were still the baddies. I’ll also add Hathaway Noah to this list in Hathaway’s Flash. He’s a terrorist.