1/400 Figures

Anyone else collect Gundam Collection 1/400 figures? I’ve been using them for Tabletop gaming for a little while now. I’m in the process of modding Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars X-wing Miniatures Game rules to use Mobile Suits and/or Other Mecha miniatures.

Since my time here in the Forum, I haven’t seen other members showcase a 1/400 Gundam Figure. You are the very first to do so. Those are some cool collection by the way. And I do see some some favorites in the photo: Unicorn and Hi-Nu?

Ahhh… OK. Well, I actually play with mine for Tabletop gaming. I got kinda bored with Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures, especially since there’s only two factions (Empire vs. Rebellion). It’s a lot more fun using Mobile Suits & other anime Mecha. :slight_smile:

…and for anyone interested; this is what a typical Mobile Suit Gundam Miniatures Game looks like. :wink:

NOTE: I can’t take credit for this pic… it’s actually from an MSEra Game site. But ours is about the same… just a WIP for now though. :slight_smile:

That actually looks pretty cool.

Ive never been interested in this form of gundam…but you have piqued my interest. kinda tempts me to think of a Warhammer 40k scenario out of it lol

That’s EXACTLY what got me thinking about using Gundam Miniatures. I always wanted to play WH40K, but it’s just sooooo time consuming… AND expensive!

A long time ago I used to play a game from Jackson Games called OGRE. It had to do with futuristic tank warfare. They recently had a kickstarter which got OGRE back to the Tabletops. I bought a few OGRE Miniatures with the intent on playing, but screwed around with “what if” situations with Gundam Gashapon (since they’re 1/285 scale like the OGRE miniatures.)

Anyway, after Googling a little while, I found a community of players who play with Bandai’s Official Miniatures rules… but the rules are kinda vague. I started playing Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures with friends but we were kinda dismayed at the lack of factions (and different ships) available. At least with Gundam, there’s LOTS of different factions and Mecha to choose from. So anyway, we’re in the process of modifying SWXWM Rules for use with Mecha.