1/144 HGBF Gouf R35

Is anyone surprised they decided to go with this release before the rest of the new Fenice? They announved he Crossbones Maoh way before it was aired, and now they’re announcing the 1/144 HGBF Gouf R35 for June. Maybe I’m missing something :stuck_out_tongue:

No mainly because the it won’t take much work on the old gouf kit to make the R35 whereas the Fenice is a completely new kit. More effort and money. Also with the Maoh people have wanted a 1/144 crossbones for a while even if it isn’t the original kits.

It’ll probably contain elements of the HGUC Gouf and a High Mobility Zaku. I’m tempted to buy one and paint it up Nismo colors since they are calling it “R35”.

Also, props to anyone who gets my reference. Keep quiet Zenki! I know you’ll get it.

The Gouf is easier. I still hope they manage to squeeze out a HG of the new Fenice before the HGs switch over to Reconguista.

^I agree. I’d love to see that in HG form.

I’d love to get a MG of the R35 though. Gouf + High Mobility Zaku = win.

I just hope it’s a new mold and not a remold of the HGUC.

Apparently, a tweet confirms it’s 100% new runners. Looks like I’m getting one.

Now that is interesting. Can’t wait to see the prototype.

Count me in. I’ll be probably be getting this one. I’ve been wanting a Gouf recently, and an entirely new mold just seals the deal.

Insta-buy for me too. The only Gouf I have is the RD version (which I still love) so I’d love to have a brand new kit version of one, regardless of the variant.

Didn’t an HG of the Fenice come out already?

Didn’t an HG of the Fenice come out already?

By the way the new Gouf is already up for preorder, if it is new runners then count me in

We’re talking about the Fenice Rinascita.

Totally new kit, won’t use the old one according to Ebi Kanetake:


That would be awesome you should do it. And try to figure out how to make paint look like carbon fiber. And do the cockpit hatch or the chest like that. That would look sweet

Read my mind.

That’s what I’m waiting for hahaha

That’s how I feel too. With this one on the shelf next to Zaku Amazing & Kampfer Amazing & Lady Sazabi (forthcoming) my GBF mono-eye collection will be complete! :slight_smile: Plus they made it worth my while by making it all new runners. :cool: