1/144 Gundam Heavyarms

This is actually my second attempt at panel lining (the first was a bootleg kit). Considering that I only used a variety of ballpens (I know, I know, not the best material out there) I’m quite satisfied with the result.

(beam saber borrowed from HGAC Wing)

Kit looks really good. The lining really gives it some good detail. Those chest and shoulder pieces scream to be filled in.

It was no jest when people say those old kits require a ton of extra work. You don’t have much to start with, at least when compared to modern 1/144 kits.

The lining itself does look good, though a little rough on some areas (like the lining on the ankle area and the chest). Kinda expected since it takes a steady hand and plenty of practice/patience to get it completely straight with pens.

Wow this kit brings back memories. To second dlinker these old kits do require so much extra work.

Those old kits really do have alot more attention need to make nice, Are the chest gatlings molded into the chest or can they come out? you should so paint them if they can.

If i remember correctly the are part of the chest. Same as the missles on the shoulders. I can remember taking a sharpie to mine back in the day. I wouldnt recommend this as sharpied gatling guns dont look too hot.

Thanks for the compliments, I know I have a long way to go :slight_smile:
Hopefully the toy store has more of these kits in stock…

@Zenki Style the gatlings on the chest are molded.

I can remember sandrock requiring alot of work to get looking right. But hey thats part of the fun. Keep it up man

How about a mechanical pencil? With just a little control and precision, you can achieve smooth lines.

That’s impressive. I can’t imagine how hard that would be to panel line that kit with ballpoint pens.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll try that out with my AGs first I think.