1/100 Mechanical Hand 100 Round G Gray by Hobby Base for MSA-001 EX-S

hi got hold of three pairs 1/100 Mechanical Hand G Gray by Hobby Base for my Gundam Sentinel kits these are ace, there going to add more details to the zeta plus’s and the EX-S
here some shot’s of the before painting and after

there going to before the EX-S

still a lot to do see you later

Nice, I got three pairs myself at 1/100 scale and they’re such high-quality hands.

Good job on the painting, considering it’s a different kind of plastic (more like rubber).

Dude, those are awesome. Where did you get them? And how do the size up a 1/100 scale Gunpla hand?

Wow! Those look awesome. Thwalker, you can get them from HLJ.

GGInfinite has them also. That’s where I bought mine. If you have a SEED MG kit, their hands are pretty similar in size to these.