1/100 Calamity Gundam will be released in June!

With Calamity being the first among the Redbull trios in the product line, one can assume that Radar and Forbidden will also be under the plans in the near future!


Surprisingly, this is not going to be a MG kit but marks the beginning of another series called “Full Mechanics”. Low number of parts in conjunction with high levels of details are the concepts of this series. The articulation also looks incredible. A 3-way ankle joint is not even common in MGs! Somehow I do worry about the “pull and slide” mechanism of the chest. Had it inherited the design of Unicorn, it would have been a disaster LOL

The beam canons have a thinning proportion design starting from the front which will make the shooting pose very impressive! One thing I don’t understand is the shield gun. They claim that each of the guns can move separately although assembled in one single piece thanks to the classic “centre-cut” design. How does that even work? Can’t wait to take a look on the construction manual.

Full Mechanics huh? They tried that with Iron Blooded Orphan ones, right? Cannot recall if ever owned one before, but anyone know where did it stand? Better than HG but not quite MG? And where does it fit in compared to RE/100… What happened to RE/100…

Hopefully it will not suffer weight balance problem with those 2 guns mounted.

Seems like they might be geared for the other 2 as well, took them long enough. And then there will likely to be Sword Calamity, that one was one of a fairly popular MSV. At least someone will definitely mod it into one.

Definitely looking forward to it though.

From what I hear the IBO Mechanics kits had a major problem with weak joints. Hopefully this kit doesn’t have the same issue.

Im also wondering what happened to the RE line as well.

I could be wrong but isn’t the series called “High Resolution”? Within the line is God Gundam, Wing 0 EW and Astray Noir as far as I can recall.

According to the Bandai hobby site, Calamity can stand without any problems even with the shooting pose. I hope this will be the case when the real product rolls out.

As for the RE line, the last one they made are Victory variants. Apparently there are many more details in the Full Mechanics series than RE. I have a GP-04 (the only RE product I have) but part and colour separation are not better than the original MG GP-01 decades ago… Perhaps this is why they put an end to the RE line?

Lol Red Bull Trio? I called those guys the meth heads. I’m kinda wary of FM kits though, IBO ones weren’t that good. I was considering getting the Barbatos Lupus Rex one though, because it has a lot of cool conversion, and Resin kits out for it.

No, High Resolution was something different. For those, they have already built inner frame and their armor parts were glossy. Barbatos was in the High Resolution, but so far, only 5 have been released within that line.

Was not sure about Full Mechanics, because did not own one as far as recalled. So that was why asked about the difference between the RE/100 and Full Mechanics. But yeah, RE/100 line was fairly simplified 1/100 scale kit.

Definitely hope that it will not have balance problem, but with the mounted guns the way they are, hard to say, definitely will have to see when it comes out.

Just to keep you informed about this kit, Bluefin Brands have announced that MSRP for Calamity will be $61… Kind of high…