08th MS Team

I seriously lobe this story! I’m about half way through and it is just an amazing way to tell a gundam story! It just feels so natural! Unlike 0080 this one just feels right! Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed 0080 but it just felt a little generic, right until the end when all respect is given to the series.

08th outdone itself. If 08th had it’s on series, like how MSG did, I’d be willing to say that 08th where the better one.

Why? Several reasons. It’s natural, it makes sense, and it’s nothing you can predict (mostly).

Hands down the best Gundam series were the very short ones from the UC era.

08 MS Team, 0080 War in the Pocket and 0083 Stardust Memory are just head and shoulders above any other Gundam animes-- at least all of the ones I have seen.

Well I didn’t write after finishing 08th, but I was a little bit disappointed with the ending. Not enough to detract from the power of 08th, it just felt a tad forced.

the very last episode was hard to sit thru, but it kinda sucked seeing Shiro losing a Leg

8th MS Team…Gundam Stories Done Right…though on the other hand 0080 and 83 did fantastic jobs themselves but 8th MS Team did the best of the Three. Story, Characters, Mecha (Ex8…one of my Most Favorite Gundam Designs EVER!), Atmosphere of the story, and overall execution of the story is just a smashing success.


and Shiro loosing a let is bad dont get me wrong, but for the literal cost of an arm (if you count him breaking his arm in Ep 11) and a leg, he got the following: A, he saved his fellow team mates from bieng killed by a batshit crazy scientist and an upberpowerful Mobile Armor…B, he made it look like he and Aina died in the crash (i think) so the Feddies and the Zekes wont come looking for em…and C, of course he got the girl :p…not bad for loosing a leg…

Kenico I couldn’t agree with you more! That would have been a perfect ending! However the final episode just felt rushed. The episode with Kiki and Michel looking for Shiro and Aina. The previous episode where Aina almost dies and Shiro loses his leg were just powerful!

08th is the reason why I want more stories from the One Year War. There just must be more awesome stories of simple soldiers on the battlefield.

oh! youre talking about Ep 12…i see…it did feel rushed but it did make a good epilogue…

I loved 08th Ms Team I liked how natural and basic everything was…No don’t get me wrong I love new types and complicated Gundams and mobile suits. But I liked how it showed that nobody was special

Indeed. and of course, as i have said before, the Mobile suits were Awesome…the Ez8, the Gouf Custom (and its infamous stab at the Guntank) and thier epic battle are seered into my Gun Soul lol.

By far, 08th MS Team is my favorite of any Gundam series. I like it simply because it’s MS warfare using gorilla tactics. It shows how MS warfare is supposed to be. No god suits (SEED, I’m lookin at you), No god-modded pilots (Kira), and lets face it… Norris Packard is the walking definition of badass! The story is great, the character development is superb, the animation is beautiful, and DAT GOUF!

It was extremely well done! I got a soft side for it due to my aircraft Maintenance background check n the military. I love the side of normal people fighting for what they hold to be righteous! I loved every aspect of the story! Heck I think every Gundam I watch I will say the same thing… Well UC Gundam anyways. Though I actually loved 00 as well just not as much as anything I’ve seen of the UC.

I hate auto correct. I need to reply o my computer more. I didn’t mean background check. I meant background in the military.

Well if you like Characters that are REAL in both personality and skill, i reccomend looking up Gundam X…its most definately on Par with 8th MS Team as one of the best Gundam Series Created.

Yeah i am working my way there! I started with MSG and have been working my way through all of the UC entries first. I’m half way through Zeta now (can’t stop watching it) but now I’m excited to watch after war X. I would like to add that I do enjoy the whole idea of new types though. A part of me believes that it might be feasible. Maybe not exactly to the extent as in the show but it does kind of make sense to me. I mean historically people used to believe that people could open themselves to a whole new state of consciousness and being so yeah. Maybe it’s not too far fetched. Lol!

about Zeta, dont get me wrong i love the series to death, but is it just me am i the only one that loved the 3 part movie version better than the series…i dont know…

No, you’re not the only one.

I thought you where talking about 0079 there, but yes, the Zeta movies are a better re-telling to be watched stand alone.
I don’t consider them canon, because of the ending, and the fact that Four doesn’t have a bigger part there.

Agreed, but frankly its a little better…now if theyd go on and at least do a Direct to DVD Dub of ZZ then MAYBE id like the Series a little more lol

Everything in Gundam has been released in english, save for ZZ, V, X and Turn A, and I wonder why they havn’t yet.
In DWG2, ZZ’s story is played out, I’m sure people that havn’t heard of ZZ locally are like ‘what the f…?’.
I liked the english VA’s for Turn A and V too, why isn’t it in english? Perhaps we’ll never know.

The same goes for the other OVA’s and films not in english. Either Bandai has no interest, or they think people will have no interest. Or maybe they’re lazy buggers.