0079 The Bronze Enigma


My friend and I have recently started up a TTRPG campaign based on a modified version of D&D 5e called Gundam5e. We have currently recorded 4 episodes at the writing of this post.

The Plot:
It is the year 0079 of the Universal Century. A half-century has passed since Earth began moving its burgeoning population into gigantic orbiting space colonies. Above the planet float hundreds of enormous cylinders with artificial living environments, new homes for mankind, where people are born and raised, and die. The cluster of colonies furthest from the Earth, Side 3, proclaimed itself the Principality of Zeon and launched a war for independence against the Earth Federation. Initial fighting lasted over one month and saw both sides lose half their respective populations. People were horrified by the indescribable atrocities that had been committed in the name of independence. Six months have passed since the rebellion began. The Zeon invasion of earth has slowed down to a crawl, due to the limited resources at their disposal and difficulty resupplying the expanding battlefront. Our story follows a team whose experimental purpose is to hopefully rectify these shortcomings in the name of Zeon, but is that their real purpose, or is there some other plot destined to this young team of misfits? And will they survive the challenges laid before them?

The Cast
Second Lieutenant Gerard Montcroix, Son of Alexander Montcroix, financial supporter for Zeonic. Trained as an officer at the Zeon Military Academy in side 3, rated as “Adequate, but shows potential improvement with further leadership experience”

Pvt. 2nd Class Vikenti Aleks, Regular military deployed during Operation British, was held for “medical complications” during the Battle of Loum until current, all information of that time redacted and First Lieutenant Karolina Slusser listed as medical guardian.

Pvt. 2nd Class Zack Marston, Soldier and pilot part of the Criminal Rehabilitation Initiative, Criminal record redacted, place of origin redacted, family history redacted but labelled as deceased during the time of Operation British.

Second Lieutenant Coda Legato, Officer of a squad sent to Earth before the Bronze Enigma Corp. His squad was attacked and potentially wiped out while attacking a Federation base. Does not appear until Episode 3

Playlist and Info
Currently we live stream every episode biweekly on Twitch TV. We plan on releasing to other sites and in other formats in the near future. If you wish to watch these episodes live feel free to follow our GM on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/theworstheroes

Here is a link to a playlist of every episode released so far to watch at your own leisure and catch up with the story: Bronze Enigma Playlist

If you made it this far thank you for reading this. I plan on posting when new episodes become available for viewing in the future. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask them!

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Episode 5 of The Bronze Enigma is out now! The squad makes their way back to base after a successful battle, but the base throws an emergency flare. The base is under attack and something is wrong with the commander! Will they survive the attack? Watch and find out!

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Episode 6 of The Bronze Enigma is out now! After the squad was able to defeat their attackers and made sure their commander was ok, they receive a radar ping that another mobile suit coming to base. Is this another threat? Watch and find out!

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Episode 7 of The Bronze Enigma is out now! After the squad conquered the Federation base, they were able to make contact with Zeon. Under the orders of Garma Zabi, the team is sent to take out a front-line base. Will they succeed? Find out now!

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Sorry for the lack of posts! Due to real life circumstances returning to the campaign was delayed, but we are now back!

Episode 8 of The Bronze Enigma is out now! Weeks after assaulting a front line base, the team must sneak into a secret base to retrieve loss goods and find information on a new mobile suit. Will they be spotted? Find out now!

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Episode 9 of The Bronze Enigma is out now! The team is now stranded in the woods after their komu-tank broke down. The team then gets attacked by a squad with a new type of mobile suit. Will they survive? Find out now!

I am also happy to announce that the Bronze Enigma Episodes are now available on YouTube! You can watch here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD8OYymfKkoBfySr9aeUkoFx-a1U3Tf1E

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Episode 10 of The Bronze Enigma is out now! After defeating the new GMs & encountering another Zeon squad, the team must now head to a civilian base to learn more about the GMs & hope to find new info about their commander.

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Episode 11 of The Bronze Enigma is out now! After spending the night at a civilian base, The squad reunites with their Komu-tank. However, the squad soon learns that they may have been followed!

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Episode 12 of The Bronze Enigma is out now! After defeating enemy Federation forces, the team waits for the results of the hidden tracker. A massive explosion happens in the distance & Squad tension reaches a boiling point!

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Episode 13 of The Bronze Enigma is out now! After surviving the chaotic 3 way battle, the team tries to get more information from a survivor of the massive explosion. Gerard also makes a tough decision about his future.

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Episode 14 & the 2nd chapter finale of The Bronze Enigma is out now! After getting a lead of the location of their commander, the squad infiltrates a dark base, but a mysterious GM appears and causes chaos. Will the team succeed? Find out now!

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We’re back! Episode 15 of The Bronze Enigma is out now! After defeating the Dark GM and overcoming shocking realizations, the squad goes back into the base to find more info. More shocking data is found. Will the squad keep it together?

Episode 16 of The Bronze Enigma is out now! After giving Coda his send off, the team makes their way to rendezvous with a submarine. However the Komu-tank suffers a malfunction & the team is forced to face their pursuers. Will they survive?

Episode 17 of The Bronze Enigma is out now! With the team on the sub to Africa, the team must find a way to survive without their moving base. Once in Africa, Cohen finds a vehicle & the team must fight to protect it. Will they succeed?

Episode 18 of The Bronze Enigma is out now! With the team finding the Gallop they must search the surrounding area for supplies. However the search leads to strange surprises. The team learns of a Feddi base to raid. Will they succeed? (Note: part of this vod is muted, however it is only when we took a break so simply skip past it. You won’t miss anything)