Hey all,

So, it has come up a few times in this forums history and I just wanted to set the record straight regarding our view on pirating videos, music, etc.

I know that there are many flaws in the music and movie industry, and I also know that some of the Bandai videos this forum is here to celebrate are not licensed in the United States and that must be really frustrating. I also really don't care whatsoever about what each of you do in your free time. I have nothing personally invested in whether or not any of you pirate media in your private lives.

That being said, I have heard of forums and blogs getting in trouble for providing links to illegal download sites. Since that is the case it is our policy to not have any links to such sites on our forums.

If any of you want to share such websites with friends on the forum, I have no problems with you emailing each other or finding a different way to share. I would just ask that you keep those links away from the public forum.

Thank you for understanding.