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    Quote Originally Posted by Deathscyhte! View Post
    Being emotional is not sincerely the best to do, while physically opposing the enemy
    Pretty much which is the reason Athrun exposed Shinn and blasted him because he's too emotional.

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    oke got me there XD, but i didnt say a thing about too emotional

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    Well I implied her attempts to force the opposing to seize fire based on arousing sentimentality and fond of each other. You hadn't explicitly mentioned the method of involving "emotions", but it was facilitated for me to remark a trace of being too emotional.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kira yamato View Post
    The additional girl that has the personal duty to do babysitting : Sumeragi Lee Noriega
    LOL Miss Sumeragi Lee Noriega is the LAST person I would leave my kids with, that woman is drunk as HELL all the time!

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    I think he meant Babysit the crew, not children. LOL

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    I was thinking of starting this back up name your own crew. ( Below Is Mine)

    You have your

    Ship ( White Base )

    Ship Commander ( Bright Noa )
    (Sumeragi Lee Noriega Co commander ( if shes not to drunk))

    Ship Staff ( Navigation, Weapons, etc.) -(Feldt Grace ,Soma Peries,Quatre Raberba Winner ,Lacus Clyne)

    Captain of the crew ( Treize- Tallgeese II custom black/gold)

    Pilot #1 (Heero Yuy-XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam ZERO)

    Pilot #2 (Setsuna F. Seiei-00 Gundam)

    Pilot#3 (Char-MSN-04 Sazabi -)

    Pilot#4 (Haman Karn - Zeta Gundam )

    Pilot #5 (Chang Wufei -Altron Gundam.)

    sacrificial lamb (Justin Bieber or nick jonas - who is gonna miss this guy)

    Cooks/ babysitters( Fa Yuiry ,Sarah Zabiarov ,Lalah Sune)

    Mechanics(Vargas Dyson ,Dique Gunhale ,Loran Cehack AKA Laura if he want to be a girl)
    That damn legged ship

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    Captain/leader :Mrs. Sumeragi (gundam 00) since I think she is an excellent strategist.

    Pilot 1 : Setsuna
    Gundam : Unicorn Gundam

    Pilot 2: Char Aznable
    Gundam/MS: Something not fat like the Sazabi, no offense. go back to the original Red Comet Zaku

    Pilot 3: Domon Kasshu
    Gundam: AGE-1 Titus since it has a lot more power than Burning Gundam

    Pilot 4:Flit Asuno
    Gundam: In something that transforms. 00 raiser.

    Pilot 5: Heero Yuy
    Gundam: Double Zeta Gundam


    Assistance 1: Lockon Stratos(Neil Dylandy)
    MS: Nothing but the best sniper class gundam. Gundam Dynames Repair

    Assistance 2: Woolf Enneacle
    MS: Something faster than the G-Exes. Exia Repair II

    Assistance 3: Honestly Banagher Links. He is here since I think he is too emotional
    MS:Psycho Gundam MK II

    Assistance 4: Amuro Ray, Zeta version
    MS: Zeta Gundam White Amuro version

    Assistance 5: Paptimus Scriocco
    MS: Seravee/Seraphim


    Pilot 1's obligation: Go in for the first kill. Determine amount of enemies.
    Assistance 1's duty: Covers pilots from ground/ship

    Pilot 2's obligation: Goes after pilot one after enemies confirmed. Takes out as many as they can using speed. mainly for close combat.
    Assistance 2's duty: Follows Pilot 2 and protects them with close combat. + trans am would be cool.

    Pilot 3's obligation: Protects main front but uses power instead.
    Assistance 3's duty: Only goes in if there is a big problem. Annihalates many enemies.

    Pilot 4's obligation: Pilot 4 is supposed to be the guy who makes newer gundam stuff. Also he goes after the stronger Ace pilots.
    Assistance 4's duty: If there is trouble with Pilot 4, then he goes out to do the same thing.

    Pilot 5's obligation: Launches into the middle of the battlefield and shoot wildly to kill a lot of enemies. Also damages enemy warship.
    Assistance 5's duty: Also launches into battlefield but takes out a lot of enemies using bazooka. Also damages enemy warship.

    TEAMLEADER: Master Asia.
    Gundam: Gundam MK.II Titans


    Negotiating person : Kai Shinden
    Piloting the ship: idk. who pilots ship in double 0? Lasse Aeon.
    2 persons surveillancing the radar (not required) Feldt Grace from double 0
    Mechanic: Ian Vashti
    The additional girl that has the personal duty to do babysitting : Marina Ismail
    by the great Deathscythe
    I'm Alphachruch on Steam, send me a pm if you wanna play.
    "I am Gundam" - Setsuna
    "The stronger you get, the firecer you get." - Domon
    "I came to laugh at you" - Quattro
    "Locked on and firing" - Lockon (favorite gundam pilot)
    "Kamille is not a man's name!" - guess i dare you.
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    Zeon ( South Side of Side 3)
    Its time for a new crew.........

    Ship (Albion )

    Ship Commander (Dozle Zabi)
    Co commander (Haman Karn)

    Ship Staff ( Navigation, Weapons, etc.) -(Lucrezia Noin,Dorothy Catalonia,Kihel Heim)

    Captain of the crew ( Treize- Tallgeese III )

    Pilot #1 (Zeheart Galette -Gundam Legilis)

    Pilot #2 (Amuro Ray-Unicorn Gundam )

    Pilot#3 (Yazan Gable -Vayeate)

    Pilot#4 (Quattro Bajeena-Sinanju )

    Pilot #5 (Junko Jenko-Nobel Gundam.)

    sacrificial lamb (Justin Bieber )

    Negotiator ( Loran Cehack or Lara Lora Rolla )
    Cooks/ babysitters( Lacus,Kiki Rosita,Fram Nara,Emma Sheen)

    Mechanics(Quatre Raberba Winner ,Allelujah Haptism,Gym Ghingham)
    That damn legged ship

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    Re: Your own Gundam crew!

    What exactly is meant by, "The assistance itself is independent from the choice of Gundam each Gundam Character"?


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