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    What does everyone think of my idea for a fanfic/light novel?

    The set up is similar to that of the One Year War, except the colonies are fragmented and self-interested, while the Earth government is basically nonexistent and the system seems to have a mind of its own.

    First, the colonies. Instead of there being a monolithic Principality, each small group of colonies is self-governing and very well organized, and yet none of the colonial groups want anything to do with the others; each assumes that they can fend for themselves quite well. The Earth government, on the other hand, has fluid masses of people all claiming dominance and duplicating effort, talking over each other's heads, kind of like the UN from the old Batman movie where all the diplomats are talking about how they want peace in their own language and yet no one seems to listen to each other. It's overcrowded and overdetermined.

    Each faction determines its own solutions to its problem. An independent group of colonial scientists attempts to create a bioengineered woman to serve as a dictator, someone to unify the colonies politically and serve as a space age Joan of Arc. Earth, on the other hand, tries to create a Minovsky Particle based supercomputer to rationalize and attenuate the mess of information and signaling that criss-crosses the Earth sphere. It is widely assumed that whichever side completes its secret project first will win.

    The colonies succeed first, but their superwoman plots to free herself from her creators and flee to Earth, kind of like Project Meteor from Gundam Wing. She goes in search of the Universal Processor, hoping to seize control of a factory ship and form her own faction.

    First, she builds her own mobile suit, one that's suitably awesome for her skills. Then, she uses several booster rockets to fly into space. She reaches a space colony and shuts down the life support, forcing the residents to flee. She plugs the processor into the control system, and the colony starts to modify itself.

    While the war is going on, a civilian faction forms, one composed of hackers, asteroid miners, and space pirates. Their nominal leader will be kind of like Utena from Revolutionary Girl Utena, who's basically an Amuro Rei clone herself.

    Over the course of the series, the uberfraulein will face down a succession of Earthling and Spacenoid aces, kind of like in a Shounen action series, except she'll do this purely to prove her superiority. She will actually weaken her suit over time so that she may remain challenged. Meanwhile, the control system will realize that she possesses knowledge that it does not have and plots to integrate her brain and fly out into space to seek matter and information.

    Her final act is to try to kill the leader of the civilian faction, who has by now developed into a sort of savior of Man, while the uberfraulein has cultivated a sort of god-like persona. The uberfraulein wants to do this so that she may destroy all of Humanity's hope by killing its savior. Before she flies out to kill this woman, the control system decides that the risk of death is unacceptably high and attempts to integrate her brain earlier than planned. She flees her weakened suit and enters her original and strongest mobile suit. The "savior of man" realizes that something's wrong and directs the fleet to help out the uberfraulein. She escapes and meets up with the fleet, and her "brother" turns and flies off into deep space on its own.

    Realizing that she can not possibly take on all those people by herself, she resigns herself to ruling through reason and love rather than fear, which was her original plan. She plans later on to build up a fleet capable of defeating the control system using Humanity's industrial resources.
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    Hmm seems like an intresting idea, I'd go for it. It'd be nice to have a gundam work with a female protag too. Hell in a fanfic I'm working on I have a female char clone.

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    A female character would be nice, a fresh change because so far there's only male main characters.
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    The uberfraulein is basically a Char Clone herself, but with more Yazan-ish leanings. Maybe I'll call her Astarte for now, and the leader of the humanist faction will temporarily be named called "Len."
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    id like to see it...go for it and cant wait for the read.

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