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    Hello from East Texas!

    Hi all,

    A bit late on the introduction, sorry.

    New to Gunpla but digging it mightily. Started building kits way back, cars, planes, then a few years ago a friend turned me onto the Maschinen Krieger line of kits. Wow! Totally hooked on mecha kits now. Especially the ma.k, Votoms and Gundam kits. Late to the party on the Gundam series but catching up fast through Hulu (Gundam 00) and youtube.

    Anyway - glad to meet you all! I enjoy the forums and maybe one day I can contribute in a useful way.


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    Re: Hello from East Texas!

    Welcome to the forums!
    "Born to lose, Live to win" - Lemmy Kilmister

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    Re: Hello from East Texas!

    Welcome aboard. Contribute in a meaningful way? WOW that would be first in here. LOL Just kidding, looking forward to seeing your work.

    To error is human, to forgive is divine, Luckily I'm neither of these things!

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    Re: Hello from East Texas!

    Damn, I was excited for a second and thought that sign ups were working again.
    Ways to reach me if the site really does go down:
    Discord: BadWrongFun#0889
    Email: badwrongfun@gmx.com
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