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    Reconguista in G Theatrical Film

    Oh my SU-Cord this has been a long wait, but it's finally real. No tweets. No rumors. No articles. Just straight from the horses' mouth.


    We know it's a compilation film with new footage. I'm worried since it sounds like it might be one movie instead of the usual trilogy. And further compressing G Reco might lead to more pacing issues. But honestly the was left out to die with it's terrible gunpla line, dead middle of the night time slot, terrible English translation, etc. and still was able to have good BD sells and good critical reception regardless. So I really think it deserves a second chance, and I'm glad it's finally getting one.

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    Re: Reconguista in G Theatrical Film

    The new footage will be the missing fighting scenes from when bell killed the Capital Army Guy in the Bullock, that they chopped into the opening, but forgot to put into the episode, oh, and hopefully the rest of the plot.....

    Edit: I was gonna leave it at that, but there is something I can't let go

    The HELL do you mean terrible gunpla line? Did you buy any of the kits, I did. They were all on par with the kits released at the same time, the quality is accurate to the design, and they didn't cut anymore corners than usual.
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    Re: Reconguista in G Theatrical Film

    I'm morbidly curious to see how this works.

    Who knows, maybe if they cut out all the useless sub-plots then maybe they can save Reconguista's plot???

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    Re: Reconguista in G Theatrical Film

    I wasn't a big fan of G-Reco, but this has my interest indeed.
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    Re: Reconguista in G Theatrical Film

    Very interested to see how this turns out! I've not seed G-Reco at all because of all the bad buzz, but if they can sorta smooth over peoples problems with it in movie form, I'll give it a watch. I love the MS and overall mechanical designs so it's been something I've stared at from a distance for a while now.
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