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Thread: New IBO Project

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    New IBO Project

    Couldn't find a suitable thread to post this so I thought I'd create a new one.


    The IBO twitter has teased that a new project was in the works previously, but now they've made an official tweet of a mysterious Mobile Suit with the caption "Announcement coming Soon! Thank you for your patience."

    So...anyone else thinking new anime? I'd be curious to hear what you guys would want from another story set within the Post-Disaster timeline.

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    Re: New IBO Project

    I'm really hoping it's a new anime. Series or movie is fine. Just not a compilation movie, please... I'm fine with that I guess, but I want more new story from that world because it's the first new gundam timeline to really capture my imagination the way the UC does.

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    Re: New IBO Project

    Looks like they're planning to unveil this new project on January 6th!

    It'll be during an anniversary event in which the VAs for Orga, Mikazuki and Eugene will be present.


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