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That is what I said, only with out all the excessively unneeded wording. Simply put, Pay to win.
Because I was agreeing with you/backing you up, while also expanding on the idea with an unflattering comparison between pay to win mobile games and the IBO anime.

More specifically, besides agreeing with you that it will probably be a pay to win mobile game, I also added a jab directed at IBO itself, because that series is complete trash and frankly a blight on the Gundam franchise, much like how pay to win mobile games are compared to traditional video games. A soulless cash grab of a mobile game would basically be the perfect companion piece for a soulless cash grab of an anime series that gleefully promotes soulless cash grabbing as an ethics system. The sooner IBO and everything related to it gets flushed down the toilet of entertainment history the better. Glad all of the poorly written characters died in the end. Hopefully everyone dies in the game too, especially if it’s tied to fleecing the player (e.g. pay up or they die; be even better if after conning people to spend hundreds if not thousands to win, it killed them in the end anyway). As I said before, such a product would be perfectly in line with the nasty mercantile spirit/message of IBO. Bonus points if the quality of the game, micro transactions aside, is also low quality, again much like the anime series itself.

The sooner Bandai announces a new non-Build/SD/UC Gundam AU anime tv series and officially puts IBO in the ground as an anime, the better.

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Basically the difference is your point was it’ll probably be a terrible pay to win mobile game, while my point was that a terrible pay to win mobile game would be perfectly aligned with the values presented in IBO itself. Put another way, you were voicing disapproval of pay to win mobile games, while I was voicing disapproval of both pay to win mobile games and IBO itself.