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    Riley's MS Hanger.

    Welcome to my small yet over inflated ego! I mean, welcome to my MS hanger where I will share some gunpla and maybe other models that I have finished, most of which are not painted and are straight out of the box.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Just a little build that I finally got around to doing. The A-Z Gundam is actually a decent little kit pretty solid for a Zeta Gundam, and the back heaviness isn't something that is you need to worry too much about. The dual beam rifle buster rifle weapon is a bit heavy for the arms to hold up for long, so I would recommend splitting the rifles up and dual wielding them. Really there are not too many negatives for the A-Z Gundam.
    Getting back into Gunpla, slowly.

    Resident Efreet and resident shark person.

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    Nice guy!

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