Are you someone like Mecha Gaikotsu who is both into Gunpla and Warhammer 40K? Why not have a mix of Both?

For this hypothetical game, the Miniatures will be 1/550 scale Gunpla kits akin to the short-lived High Grade Mechanics line from 2001-2002, all be it more in line with Bandai's current standards of engineering (just don't be surprised when some of the miniatures are P-Bandai exclusive). Unlike what Games Workshop does with most of their products, you will be garnered to receive the equivalent of Warscroll/Datasheet cards corresponding with whatever Mobile Suits/Pods/Armors/Pods/Etc, Vehicles and Support Units come in their respective boxes (e.g. a box of Zakus will include a rules card for the MS-06 Zaku II unit).

But what if Bandai wants the gameplay to be derivative of Warhammer 40k? To that I would suggest taking the rules and mechanics of all eight editions of Warhammer Fantasy Battle (1983-2015), all eight editions of Warhammer 40k (1987 and onward), and both editions of Age of Sigmar (2015 and onward), compile the fan favorite aspects of each, and mix them together whatever Bandai has to introduce to the table, in order to make something that would not only be suitable for the common concepts, themes, settings, and atmospheres of the Gundam metaseries, but also a good game.