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    Efreet - Norris Packard-style!

    One of my favourite parts of modelling is trying to make something look just like it does in real life. Oddly, the other part I like is making something completely unique. Thankfully, the hobby has room for both! One genre of kits I find myself customizing a lot (especially colour schemes) is that of mecha, or science fiction robot weapons.

    While Gundams themselves aren’t as customizable, being the “main characters”, the supporting mecha lend themselves to any and all kinds of imagination, reimagination and customization. It helps that the Gundam kits that Bandai cranks out are so well-made and forgiving, it allows for a lot of parts swapping and alteration without the worry of ruining a kit or having to do a tonne of scratchbuilding, unless, of course, you want to.

    A perfect candidate for this kind of treatment is the Re/100 Efreet from the recent Reborn 100 line of large scale, but simplified and lower-cost kits. Given the Efreet’s bad-arsed appearance, I decided to customize mine into what it would look like if the Efreet had been produced for at least ace use, instead of the Gouf.

    The result is the Efreet Blazer custom, portrayed in the colours of Norris Packard from the excellent 8th MS series. Check it out, and let me know what you think!


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    Re: Efreet - Norris Packard-style!

    A bit weird looking in those colors, but i like it!!


    I am no longer a Moderator despite what the user title says. Please do NOT pm me with questions on how to do something hobby related or with issues with the board. Just ask in a related thread.

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    It looks cool! Nice paint job!

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