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    Re: Live Action Gundam Film Offically Announced

    Quote Originally Posted by Zeta-G View Post
    I see what you did there.
    TEE HEE HEE...I would never use such innuendoes, that would be bad.Because you see I'm one of the innocent people, pure as the fresh driven snow. Ya that's it, the picture of innocents and purity that's me.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Either way this movie goes I will be one of the sheeple who goes to see it. Good or bad they will most likely get my money. Just like when I (freely admit to this.) bought the DVD of G-Savoir. Plus all this talk of a live action, i had to watch it this weekend. aaaannnd my eyes still hurt.

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    Re: Live Action Gundam Film Offically Announced

    Quote Originally Posted by Zeta-G View Post
    @Plamobot: To be perfectly honest, if this live action Gundam film ends up being a bastardized take on Gundam, I’d much rather it be a bastardization with 80’s slasher tropes than Bayformers tropes.
    Now that's what I actually want. But we won't get it.
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    Re: Live Action Gundam Film Offically Announced

    Quote Originally Posted by Ronové View Post
    I could definitely see mook mobile suits resembling the Flags or the AirMaster in how they could be planes normally and then switch to a "robot mode". Could potentially save a bit on the budget that way, even if it does skew a little towards the more Macross style.

    As for the main Gundam, I wonder what kind of gimmicks they might choose? The original RX-78-02 really didn't have much in the way of special features, but then that might be for the best for an initial film. Maybe give Psycommu (or some variant) to the villains for the hero to overcome and then in a potential sequel they can use it.
    I hope not, I hope they get a decent budget, and just follow classic gundam beats, there can only be so much fighting in a "war drama" so that will save enough on special effects budget. I think keeping it toned down at first is the best way to go. Maybe not as much as classic (although i would be perfectly fine with that) because a little bit of flare will draw in younger kids for sure.

    The next question is what kind of space powers will we see? Perhaps even in a non-UC series we will still get newtypes just to keep the Gundam flavor, I would not put it past a studio to do such things.
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