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Same. I caught some issues before they happened and its a decent kit. I've transformed it back and forth a bunch of times as well.
Wow, you guys are good! I put it together slowly, after assembly, I felt it was unwise to transform. I did however take it apart and took a closer look at the instructions (engineering), I thought I made a mistake, but after looking at the instructions again carefully, I am sure I did not make a mistake. It is what it is. I like the model, lots of details. The stickers were so tiny, they were hard to apply. Over time, the parts fell off more and more. Perhaps, it was because I took it apart and reassembled but then, the parts did not hold even before that. Here's a photo of it when it was newly assembled the first time. I can't imagine transforming it. I can see how the transformation works but I won't try it. It's a lovely model.

@ShadowsAndDust Thanks! Looks like I will be getting the clear version of ZZ but I'd have to save up for it first. I have other hobbies.

Zeta UC Gundam Real Grade 1/144 by infinity_zero, on Flickr