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    First Gunpla Build! HG Julieta Reginlaze

    Just completed my first Gunpla!

    It was a learning experience to say the least, lesson #1 I need to get better at panel lining and figuring out how to properly clean them up without ruining the underplaying paint and #2 I need to learn the tricks of topcoating...

    Model came out frosty and fuzzy like it was covered in felt...

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    Good job!

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    Re: First Gunpla Build! HG Julieta Reginlaze

    Nice build. The fuzziness is the flatting base building up. My trick to reduce this is to Acrylic gloss coat parts first.

    Apply decals (they just stick better to gloss). Mr Marker Softer the decals. Wipe the parts clean. Locally gloss over the decals. Panel line with thinned enamel or the Tamiya Panel Line accent. I also use artists chalks powdered up with a bit of detergent and water for some panel lines sometimes, they come out darker, then zippo fluid to clean the excess panel lining (slightly damp cotton buds and tissues. Then satin coat and before it's fully cured apply flat clear on the bits I want really flat. The uncured satin tends to pull the flatting pigment in and make it more uniform.

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    Re: First Gunpla Build! HG Julieta Reginlaze

    With the base you have it sitting on, it kinda makes me think that the "fuzziness" is sand buildup on the suit. The base gives the impression that it's fighting in a desert of some kind.
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    Re: First Gunpla Build! HG Julieta Reginlaze

    That's a great first build, it's good to see you making your own base as well.
    If you using spray cans, use tamiya, shake the hell out of it and warm it in warm water first and 2 light coats, 2 or 3 should be plenty. The rest comes with practise.


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